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C552 Conte di Cavour

Ship List
Name # Port Laid
Launch Comm Decomm
Conte di Cavour C552 Jul 2001 20 Jul 2004 Mar 2008

Ship Conte di Cavour
Type Aircraft carriers
Yard of construction Fincanctieri River of Genoa
Length 244.0 meters
Length between perpendiculars 215.6 m
Breadth moulded 39.0 meters
Flight deck 232.6 x 34.5 m 186 meters
Hangar 134.2 x 21.0 m
Displacement, Full load 27,100 tons
Construction H.T. steel hull and superstructures
Stability and buoyancy according to Italian Navy std.
NBC protection
Shock protection of vital equipment
Low underwater radiated noise signature control
Drive system 4 General Electric GE/FIAT LM2500 Gas Turbines (COGAG)
2 Fincantieri Feathering C.P. propellers
Maximum Continuous Power 88,000 hp / 4 x 22 MW
Max. Sustained speed (85% MCR) 28 nodes
Fuel -
Autonomy 7,000 miles at 16 knots 20 knots
AUXILIARY SYSTEMS 6 Generating sets Wartsila CW 12V200 2200 kW each
2 shaft Generators 2200 kW each
Primary power 660V - 50 Hz through passive distribution ring
2 Rudders
HVAC in all living and operational spaces
6 reverse osmosis desalinators (70 t/day each)
2 couples active-fin stabilizers
Bow and stern thruster
Stern and side ramp
2 aircraft lifts (forward and stb. Aft)
4 landing craft (LCVP)
Airplanes 8 AV-8B Harrier and JSF
12 helicopters [EH101, AB212, NH 90, SH3D]
Ground Combat Systems

24 tanks (Ram) of 60 tons

Armament 2 short range defence system
3 secondary caliber guns
4 (8-cells) SAM Vertical launchers
2 ECM transmitter units
2 rockets and flares launchers
2 Anti Torpedo decoy launchers
Vertical protection -
Horizontal protection -
Sensors: 1 2DA/Su Surveillance radar
1 3D Multifunctional radar
1 2D Long range surveillance radar
1 Navigation radar
Navigation/Metereological sensors 1 Navigation/mine avoidance sonar
Countermeasures 1 ESM system
Anti-torpedo towed array sonar
2 Radar/EO Fire Control System
2 IFF Systems
1 IR survellaillance System
C3: Command Management System
Navigation & Metoc System
Integrated Int./Ext. Comm System
Integrated EW System
Crew Flag Officers and VIP's 5
Ship's Complement 451
Amphibious Command Task Force 140
Aircrew 203
Troops 325 + 91
Total 1,210 + 91

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