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Netherlands Army

The Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) consists of the following elements:

  • Royal Netherlands Army Staff: directs and manages the RNLA. (Utrecht and Apeldoorn)
  • 11 Airmobile Brigade: the only brigade which has its own air-defence and supply companies. (Schaarsbergen)
  • 13 Mechanised Brigade: fully equipped combat unit for military operations. (Oirschot)
  • 43 Mechanised Brigade: fully equipped combat unit for military operations. (Havelte)
  • Operational Support Command (Land): provides support to the brigades, including medical support, materiel repair and supplies.
  • Commando Corps: deployable at home and abroad for special (reconnaissance) operations. (Roosendaal)
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service: for the detection and clearance of explosive ordnance.
  • Operations Training Centre: provides both general and specialist training for the RNLA.
  • Defence Ground-Based Air Defence Command: provides ground-based protection of vital Dutch objects, units and areas.
  • Royal Netherlands Army Support Group: provides support to the RNLA Staff, including logistic support and catering.
  • 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps: The Netherlands provides part of this rapidly deployable multinational headquarters and its communication and information systems battalion. (Mnster, Germany)

 Regional Military Command
11 Luchtmobiele Brigade
11 Airmobile Brigade

13 Gemechaniseerde Brigade
13 Mechanised Brigade

43 Gemechaniseerde Brigade
43 Mechanised Brigade

Operationeel Ondersteuningscommando LandTaken
Commando Corps

Defensie Grondgebonden Luchtverdedigings commando (DGLC)
Defence Ground-Based Air Defence Command (DGBADC)

 Regional Military CommandThe Royal Netherlands Army (RNLA) makes an important contribution to peace and security, both at home and abroad. National security has been in the spotlight in the past few years. The RNLA has developed into a permanent partner in crisis response in the Netherlands.For that purpose, the RNLA has divided the Netherlands into 3 regions. Each region falls under the authority of one of the existing three army brigades. These brigades perform the role of Regional Military Commander for their respective regions. Military Security District officers work together with colleagues from municipalities, police, fire brigades and medical services on a daily basis. For instance, the brigades participate in crisis plan development and combined disaster exercises. At the request of civil authorities or other organisations in society, the brigades can provide military support.

The brigades have both regular and reserve personnel at their disposal, who are all deployable for all kinds of duties during national crisis situations. In addition, the army brigades can call on military personnel from the other elements of the Defence organisation.Providing support to social organisationsAlthough it is not one of the core tasks, the army can also lend support to social organisations and their activities. The army brigades serve as the first points of contact for such requests in their respective areas of authority. They assess the request and weigh the effort required against the wider social benefits to be gained. The management of military facilities (barracks and other military sites) of the RNLA is divided among five different army elements. This division is independent from the areas of authority of the brigades.

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