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MKS 180 K131 Corvette 131

displacementmax 5000 tons
Operatiopnal comparable to F125 + ice capability
speed 26 knots flank, 18 knots cruise at sea state 4;
range 4000 nm at 18 knots
endurance 21 days without external support
mission endurance 2 years (identical to F125)
Environment All seas, i.e. including ice capability
Subsystems one medium/large helo w/ AShM (max 15t), two UAVs, two RHIBs
Armament comparable to K130
  • medium-calibre (76mm) main gun - larger calibre (127mm) for NGFS in discussion
  • ffbnw four heavy anti-ship/anti-surface missiles
    standard self-defense package
  • 2 RAM Block 2
  • 2+ MLG 27mm
  • 2-4 MASS
  • Sensors between K130 and F125
  • 3D air surveillance radar and 2D surface radar
  • 2-3 separate radar fire control systems (no illuminators though)
  • 1-2 long-range IR/EO surveillance systems
  • EO/IR fire control systems on guns
  • ESM/EW systems (0.5 to 40 GHz)
  • NBC detector suite
  • Mission modules a modular mission deck (375 m, 80t payload)
  • diver support
  • ASW - low-frequency towed array sonar plus ASW module for helicopter (dipping sonar, torpedoes)
  • MCM - mine detection sonar, possible minehunting drones
  • Mobile Command Support (forward naval HQ for joint operations)

    Unlike LCS, MKS180 will not include procurement of modules, i.e. it is not buying a certain number of ASW ships and a certain number of MCM ships.
  • MIO functionality
  • two large RHIB/LCVP on davits
  • through deck on the upper deck for free movement of the protection detail on the ship to all sides
  • armored MG/AGL, ATGM, MANPADS, sniper, command posts (against .50cal)
  • weapon stands for maritime protection detail for 360-degree protection, all semi-protected (armor) and NVG-capable:
  • multiple positions (360-degree) for .50cal HMGs and 40mm AGLs
  • multiple positions for ATGM, MANPADS and snipers, stabilized
  • multiple positions for observers and commanders, overviewing deck and sea
  • armored ready room (against .50cal) for reinforcement troops
  • armored magazines (against .50cal)
  • restricted access to ship from all outside doors (PIN or card needed)
  • hangar and aviation facilities for one large helicopter (13t) and two VTOL drones, both with organic support
  • 70 crew plus
  • 70 additional (air crew + 50 troops)
  • same troop capacity as F125 (50 men)
  • Planned timetable
  • 2011 - Initial design phase
  • 2012 - Design selection, detail design phase
  • 2013 to 2015 - Specification (platform and system)
  • 2016 - building contract
  • 2019 to 2020 - commissioning of first unit

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