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The M-84 tank is based on the Russian T-72 tank and is distinguished by its largest applicable gun calibre with efficient ammunition, automatic gun loading, small mass, low silhouette and good protection. Besides that, the M-84 tank is equipped with a new, modern fire control system, a modified and stronger engine, new radio equipment and a new NBC detector. The uro akovic factory is best known for its principal role in the production under licence of the M-84A which was manufactured in Croatia. The M-84A MBT is an improved version of the original Yugoslav M-84 which in turn is based on the Russian T-72M1 MBT.

The concept of battle tank M-84 is based on russian tank T-72 while retaining its main properties: largest applicable gun caliber and efficient ammunition, automatic gun loading, small mass, low profile and top quality armor protection. Simultaneously the battle tank M-84 represents evolution of the basic tank T-72 in systems and properties in which T-72 was technically inferior to its Western counterparts: new modern Fire Control System, modified motor with increased motor power, new radio equipment and new NBC detector. All subsequent modernization novelties carried out on T-72 in several countries and real war experiences with M-84 confirmed this approach in design of battle tank M-84.

Tanks of the family M-84 are driven by 12-cylinder, four stroke engine, multiple fuel, water cooled, turbo charged diesel motor, power 574 kW (780 HP) for M-84 variant or 735 kW (1000 HP) for variant M-84A and M-84AB. Command tank M-84ABK has additional HF SSB/AM transciever with frequency range 1.6-29.999 MHz and external 1 kW power supply. M-84AI and M-84ABI tanks belong to Recovery Vehicles with all conventional equipment being used by such kind of vehicles. Stabilization of targeting line and bringing of gun into pre-defined position in space have been achieved by Fire Control System (SUP) which enables targeting of mobile targets day and night and under all weather conditions. Tanks M-84A4 have SUP OMEGA-84 while other models dispose with SUV-M-84, both these systems mutually compatible. Tank M-84 AB is equipped with modern, interference resistant UHF receivers with narrow and wide band frequency hops (100 hops/s), frequency range 30-87.975 MHz (RACAL Jaguar V). Navigational tank M-84ABN is equipped with terrestrial navigational system TELDIX.

M-84D Main Battle Tank

This variant brings existing M-84 variants to the M-84D standard, equipped with a new 1,200 hp (895 Kw) engine and new RRAK ERA armour. The M-84D is equipped with a Rafael - Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station, and a new Omega ballistic computer (Slovenian Fotona-made digital ballistic computer). The M-84D has an electric cupola, which means it can fire at two targets at once. It has a new SDZ defence system, which has the capability to protect the crew from biological, chemical and nuclear strikes. The M-84D is also equipped with new thermal imaging that is able to see at night, through fog, in shade, and during a storm. A new Racal communication system was also installed, which now comes as standard on all new M84D and M84A4 tanks. Diehl, the German firm which supplies track for the Leopard 2 is also supplying tracks for the Croatian M-84D and M-84A4 tanks.

The M-84A4 and M-84D have an operational range of 700 km and a maximum speed of 65 km/h.The M-84D has also a 15% faster auto loader, meaning 9 shells per minute instead of 8 shells per minute. The M-84D is a second version of the upgraded tanks. It has also chains on the back of the tank to protect the engine and has SLAT armour around the ammunition to prevent an ATG or a shell from hitting it. M-84D received few additional upgrades, Turret basket was added to provide extra space for extra ammunition and to provide increased armour protection. Turret basket has additional slat armour, which adds additional armour to the exterior of the tank.

M84D and M84A4 are to receive 12.7mm Kongsberg Protector Remote Weapon Stations which are to be integrated on to all M84D and M84A4 tanks. M-84D will also feature LIRD-4B - Laser irradiation detector and warner and LAHAT anti tank missiles. There is a potential for integration of Swiss 120 mm compact gun developed by RUAG. This option is being now seriously considered as this would allow Croatia to use NATO 120 m standard ammunition. 120 mm RUAG compact gun is a preferred option over German Rheinmetall L44 120 mm cannon which is more expensive and would require German support, whereas RUAG will provide technical know how and technology transfer to uro akovic specijalna vozila d.d.. Initially it was planned that the final version would be presented to the public by late 2009 or early 2010 and conversion of existing tanks to start by 2011.

General Combat weight: 42 t  Crew: 3   Fuel capacity: 1450 L Cruising range on road: 700km
Dimensions  Lenght: 9530 mm Height: 2190 mm Clearance: 428 mm Spec ground pressure: 0,813 bars
Performances  Max speed on road: 65km/h Max gradient: 58%    Max grade slope: 47%    Trench width: 2,6 - 2,8 m Vertical obstacle: 0,85 m Fording depth: 1,2 - 1,8 m    Water depth: 5m
Armament  Main armament: smooth bore tank - gun cal. 125mm    Secondary armament: Machine gun cal. 7,62mm and 12,7mm Smoke discharger: 12pcs   Ammunition capacity: 42pcs (125mm), 360pcs (12,7mm) and 2000pcs (7,62mm)
Fire control system  Type: automatic, electro-hydraulic    Model: OMEGA 84    Area of traverse: n*3600   Dep elevation: 6013/13047   Max velocity: 285miles/sec (traverse), 70mi/sec (dep/elevation), 340mi/sec (rate)
Sighting  Commander type: day/night, passive binocular    Magnification(d/n): x4,9 / x4,3   Field of view(d/n): 100/10,90    Gunner type: day/night, passive with independent stabilization and laser range finder    Magnification(d/n): x7 & x3/x8,5    Field of view(d/n): 90 & 200/5,30
Vision  Commander: 4 periscopes    Gunner: 2 periscopes    Driver : 3 peroscopes & 1 night pass.
Chassis  Engine: 4 stroke, multi-fuel, diesel, liquid cooled, with 2 turbo-chargers and air cooler 780kW@2000rpm    Transmission: mechanical with multiplication, 2 gear-boxes with side, 7 forward and reverse gear Electrical system: voltage 27V (+2V, +5V), batteries 12V, 140Ah, total capacity 280Ah
Communication  UHF-transceivers : model VRQ 316 HE/HG, freq. range:30-80MHz, 8 programmed channels, 20 km rated range   Intercom: model BCC600




HULL (protection)

 Additional ballistic and mine protection

Explosive Reactive Armor

Modular, Add-On ERA system on frontal part of the hull and on side skirts. Additional ballistic protection.

Passive protection

Slat (rear part of the hull) additional protection for areas not covered with ERA. Improved side-skirts

Anti-mine protection
part of hull floor modification

Driver's seat

New design, mine proof seat connected to the hull roof

TURRET (protection)

Additional ballistic protection

Explosive Reactive Armor

Modular, Add-On ERA system on frontal half of the turret and frontal turret roof. Additional ballistic protection.

Passive protection

Slat (rear part of the turret) additional protection for areas not covered with ERA.


 New Fire Control System with gunners thermal sight

Fire Control System

TFCS OMEGA, new FCS, proven, integrated in tanks M-84A4 in Croatian Army MBT Fleet (in service); specifications and details will be send in a week time

Gunner's Sight

TSGS-D (Thermal channel): new system, fully compatible to FCS OMEGA , specifications and details will be send in a week time


New Drive System (improved accuracy and firing efficiency, reduced laying time and target engagement time, low keep-up power, reduced temperature and noise, no liquids)

Gun drive
All-Electric Drive

Turret drive

All-Electric Drive

 Advanced Tank Commander Station

(No similar system in M-84AB configuration)

Remote controlled weapon station 12,7 mm

Remote controlled weapon station (12,7mm), all-electric drives, fully stabilized, day & thermal cameras and laser rangefinder

MG 12,7 is integrated in remote controlled weapon station, with remote cocking and firing

Observation subsystem

panoramic day & thermal cameras and LRF, integrated into ATAC


ATAC Fire control system and Man-Machine Interface: commanders screen and commanders control handle


Integration of Commander's Take-over system into ATAC and connection to FCS (including ComTOS software)


 Standard M-84 power train (1.000 HP), partly improved


Engine V-46-BI (1.000 HP), improved version of original M-84AB engine V-46TK


Engine and transmission protection system (installed) (No similar system in M-84AB configuration)


MIL-Eco High Capacity Batteries (190Ah)

Battery charger

Integrated automatic battery charger (in tank hull)- batteries could be recharged inside the MBT (without removing)

(No similar system in M-84AB configuration)

Driver's panel

RPV-D is new Driver's panel with integrated HMS (Hull Management System): Full data-acquisition system for all systems installed in the tank hull, primarily engine and transmission. Protects engine and transmission against improper use and subsystem malfunctions


 New detection and protection systems

Laser Irradiation Detector

LIRD-4A: Laser warning system linked to smoke grenade discharger. (No similar system in M-84AB configuration).

System is proven, integrated in tanks M-84A4 in Croatian Army MBT Fleet (in service).

Crew & vehicle protection system

SZ-D, automatic Fire-fighting & Fire-extinguishing system (compatible to existing M-84 system but different sensors and bottles, integrated in existing space)

NBC protection

NATO compatible NBC detector; specifications and details will be send in a week time




WEBASTO, linked to heating system


New system for life fire training and supervision, integrated into tank (No similar system in M-84AB configuration)




SINCGARS VHF VRC 92 with GPS, defined & requested by Customer - Croatian MoD.


New generation Digital Intercom (THALES), defined & requested by Customer - Croatian MoD.

Air-condition system

Internal air-condition system




Improvement of existing Automatic Loading System


Improvement of existing Automatic Loading System (CW and CCW rotation, interface to FCS and ATAC) increased rate-of-fire.

 New steering system
 Compatible tracks

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