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L-39 Albatros

Max. speed - at 11,000 m 850 km/h
- at 5,000 m 755 km/h
- at sea level 720 km/h
Max. range (without auxiliary fuel tanks) 1000 km
Max. range (with auxiliary fuel tanks) 1750 km
Service ceiling 11 500 m
Max. climb (with armament) 22 m/s
Flight endurance (with auxiliary fuel tanks) 3 h 50 min
Flight endurance (without auxiliary fuel tanks) 2 h 30 min
Engine ZMBD Progress (Ivchenko) AI-25TL
Thrust 16,87 kN
Armament load kg
Max. takeoff weight 4700 kg
Opt. takeoff weight 4525 kg
Empty weight 3540 kg
Wingspan (including fuel tanks) 9,46 m
Capacity of auxiliary fuel tanks 2x420 l
Length 12,13 m
Height 4,77 m
Wing area 18,8 m2
Max. permitted g -4/+8g
Armament 23 mm GSh-23 two barrelled cannon and various combination of bombs

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