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Fridtjof Nansen (F85) class PROJECT 6088 NEW FRIGATE

Specifications (Nansen F-85)
Main Dimensions:
Length Overall 132.0 m
Length on the Waterline 121.39 m
Max Height Above Water Line 30.0 m at Minimum Op. Displ.
Design Draft Baseline 4.90 m
Maximum Beam 16.80 m
Beam on the Waterline 15.90 m
Full Load Displacement Incl. Margins 5121 tonnes
Complement 120 (Accommodation Capacity 146)
Propulsion Plant:
CODAG Combined Diesel And Gas Turbine
Propulsion Diesel Engines 2 * BAZAN BRAVO 12V 4.5 MW
Gas Turbine GE LM 2500 19.2 MW
Bow Thruster Retractable (Electric) 1 MW
Diesel Generators 4 * MTU 396 Serie 12V 900 kW
Max Speed > 26 knots
Cruising Speed > 18 knots
Propellers 2 CPP
Rudders 2
Active Stabilizing Fins 1 pair
Integrated Weapon System Equipments:
Weapon System Integrator Lockheed Martin GES (LM)
Main Gun 76 mm OTO BREDA SR
Small caliber Gun 12,7 mm
ASW weapons Stingray Light weight torpedos
Depth Charges
AAW weapon Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile MK 41 VLS
ASuW weapon New Anti Ship Missile
Soft kill weapons Terma Decoy launcher
IR decoy, radar and acoustic decoy
The New Frigates will be prepared for but NOT equipped with:
Gun 1 gun with calibre 40 mm or less
AAW weapon 1 spare MK 41 VLS launcher
ASW weapon Low cost ASW-weapon
Soft kill weapon (ECM) Active Off-board Decoy
Radar AN/SPY-1F (3D phased array radar)
Electro Optical sensor Sagem Vigy 20 Electro Optical Director
Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Type MK 12
Radar Electronic Support Measures Condor CS-3701
Continuous Wave Illuminator Type MK 82
Sonars: Hull mounted Active Sonar MRS 2000 and Captas MK II V1 and Active Towed Sonar
Combat Management System:
AEGIS CMS from LM with ASW and ASuW segments from Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace.
Command and Control:
Tactical Data Link (Link 11). Prepared for Link 16/22
MCCIS (or equivalent)
Integrated Communication System from Aeromaritime. Prepared for SHF/UHF mil satcom.
Integrated Bridge Control System from Norcontrol. Nav. radars: (2 X-band and 1 S-band) from Litton.

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