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KNM Horten MTB tender

KNM «Horten» was built to support the Norwegian MTB fleet. The ship is specially built to provide smaller, fast-moving warships with greater range and capacity, such as command ships and floating weapons and fuel depots. The name derives from the Armed Forces Logistics Organization specialist workshop for the maintenance of marine equipment in Horten.

The ship was built in 1977 at Marin's Mainyard in Horten. Horten has been a support ship in the Navy with the task of supplementing food, fuel and ammunition to other ships. The ship also served as a royal ship in a short period of time when the royal ship Norway was repaired after fire in 1985. The vessel was subsequently converted to school ships. In the years 2005 - 2008, Horten has been used as a residence and training center for the crews on the Nansen frigates. In 2008, Horten's job was done and it was decided that it should be sold.

KNM Horten has a past as a returning royal ship after K / S Norway burned in March 1985. It was King Olav who personally asked for a bath and a double bed for the so-called royal airplane, which is by no means standard equipment when the Navy orders his warships. There is also a fireplace in the cabin, which is also not widespread aboard the Norwegian warships.

Under the "Implementation Proposition - Complementary Framework for Reversal of the Armed Forces in the period 2002-2005" the Government proposed that the phasing out of KNM Horten be postponed until 31 December 2005. In the treatment of St.prp. No. 45 (2000-2001), cf. S. No. 342 (2000-2001), the Storting decided that the depot vessel KNM Horten should be phased out by 1 July 2002. Unforeseen problems regarding the technical condition of the Oslo-class frigates mean that there is still a need for KNM Horten.

As a consequence of the technical condition of the Oslo-class frigates, boiler repair must be carried out on the vessels KNM Bergen and KNM Narvik. It is assumed that all the repairs will be completed around the turn of the year 2002/2003. In order to maintain the frigate competence in the Navy before the two frigates are fully operational, it is necessary to sail KNM Horten at the time when the boiler repair is in progress. Otherwise, the Navy will be at risk of losing the frigate skills needed to prepare the phasing-in of the Fridtjof Nansen class.

In the period after completion of the boilers on the two frigates, there was still a need to have KNM Horten in order to maintain the power production and maintain the competence if an Oslo-class frigate for various reasons would again become unavailable for operational sailing. This must be seen in the context of the frigates approaching the end of their operative lifespan.

The operating costs of sailing KNM Horten are lower than by sailing a Oslo-class frigate. When the cost of boiler repair on the two frigates is excluded, there are no additional costs to sail KNM Horten instead of a Oslo-free frigate. The cost of keeping KNM Horten in the structure after the turn of the year 2002/2003 amounts to approx. NOK 7 million per year. There is no need to strengthen the KNM Horten in that vessel will only be manned and operated if an Oslo-class frigate can not sail for technical reasons.

The phasing out of KNM Horten was to be postponed from 1 July 2002 until 31 December 2005 to ensure strength production and competence building for Fridtjof Nansen class frigates.

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