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Karayel-SU TUAV

  • STANAG 4671 referenced design
  • Lightning Protection
  • Ice Removal
  • Triple redundant avionic architecture
  • Fully autonomous takeoff/flight/landing
  • AVGAS 100 LL
    main structureComposite
    payload load capacityUp to 190 kg,
    flight enduranceUp to 20 hours with 55 kg EO/IR Payload
    Operation AltitudeUp to 22.500 ft
    LOS range200 km, GCS/GDT Handover
    Propulsion Engine 1x97 HP (S.L.)
    Wing Span 10,5 m
    Length 6,5 m
    Propeller 1,45 m diameter
    Weights Maximum Take-Off Weight 550 kg
    Payload Capacity 70 kg
    Cruise Speed 60-80 knot
    Endurance 20 hours
    Operational Altitude 22.500 ft
    Data LinkClass LOS
    Radius > 150 km
    Power Electric Power 2,8 kW
    Navigation Fully Autonomous or Manual
    payload EO/IR, ES, SAR. Karayel has capacity of carrying EO/IR payloads with NIRS 7+ and properties
  • EO-Day Camera (HD) optical zoom features
  • Night (IR) Camera (HD) optical zoom features
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Laser Target Directing
  • Laser Target Marking
  • Take Off Runway Fully Autonomous or Manual
    Landing Runway Fully Autonomous
    Structure Material Composite
  • De-Ice / Heating De-Ice / Heating
  • Lighting Anti-Collision and Navigation
  • Ground Control Station Mobile Shelter

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