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Project Horizon

Length150.60 m / 151.6 moverall
141.70 m between perpendiculars
Beam water line :17.9 m
Displacement6,500-7,050 tons full load
Top speed 29 kts
Range (at 18 kts)7,000 nm
Endurance (at 15 knots)45 days
Propulsion CODOG
2 gas turbines 43 MW
2 diesel 8.6 MW
2 shafts
Total Power41 MW
Gas turbine speed :29 kts
Diesel turbine speed :18 kts
Range (at 18 kts diesel) : 7000 n.m.
Anti-air missiles Principal Anti Air Missile System (PAAMS)
EUROPAAMS: UKAMS LRR mod. Systems EMPAR Multi Function Radar
EADS Aster 15/30 active homing head (included in PAAMS)
48 Anti-air Aster 15 / Aster 30 missiles in
Sylver 15/30 VLS vertical launchers
Anti-ship missiles Exocet MM40 surface-to-surface missiles, or
Alenia Marconi Systems TESEO Mk2, Surface to Surface inertial cruise; active homing head
Guns SCG (Small Caliber Gun): 2 OTO BREDA 25 mm mod. 503
MCG (Medium Caliber Gun): 3 OTO BREDA 76/62 SR mm
Torpedoes Wass-Thomson MU 90 lightweight torpedo
2 TLS (Torpedoes launching System) EUROTORP
LAT (Lotte Anti Torpilles) TSDS EUROSLAT; SLAT and
decoy launchers
aircraft Flight deck and hangar for one NH90 or EH101 helicopter
ASM: Alenia Marconi Systems MARTE Helicopter carried
EW suite
  • Long range radar (LRR)
  • Empar fire control radar
  • Infrared and optical surveillance
  • electromagnetic detection
  • Countermeasures: ESM: Thales SystemesAeroportes / Elettronica System derived
    from WIDE OPEN ESM System enhanced through digital
    spectrum analyzer receivers and DF interpherometric technology

    ECM: Thales SystemesAeroportes / Elettronica System radar
    electronic countermeasures system implemented through
    digital receiver and solid state active phased array technology

    Chaff: OTO BREDA SCLAR launcher; Chaff high capability
    against wide threat spectrum

    CESM: High CESM capability
    Combat Management System Finmeccanica, DCN and Thales CMS (Combat
    Management System)

    Communication System:
    Marconi Mobile (Elmer) and Thales Communication. Fully
    Integrated Communications System (FICS): Voice and Data
    internal/external communications over HF, VHF, UHF and SHF
    (Sicral) including 2 Link-11 and 1 Link-16 tactical Data Links.

    Fire Control System:
    2 Alenia Marconi Systems MSTIS NA 25 X/P for 76 mm gun
    Radars Air search: UKAMS Long Range Radar (LRR) mod. S1850
    (included in PAAMS)
    MFR (Phased Array): Alenia Marconi Systems EMPAR
    MFR (included in PAAMS)
    Surface search: Alenia Marconi Systems Surface Surveillance
    Radar RASS: I band
    Navigation: Alenia Marconi Systems/SAGEM Integrated
    Navigation System (INS): 1 SAGEM NAVS; 1 NAVR RDR,
    1 Helicopter decking radar
    Fire control: Alenia Marconi Systems ORION RTN 25 X
    (included in NA25 XP fire control system)
    IFF: Alenia Marconi Systems SIR-R/S
    Sonar: Multi Frequency Sonar (MFS): Thomson Marconi UMS 4110 CL
    ASW suite with hull-mounted sonar
    Iras: SAGEM Vampire Bispectral MB IRST
    Crew 182
    Total Accommodation 220-230

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