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Saab GlobalEye - AEW&C / MPA

The GlobalEye, which is essentially an upgraded Bombardier Global 6000/6500 business jet with an extended radar, provides surveillance of ground, air and maritime targets. The jet's Erieye extended-range radar system, which sits atop the plane's fuselage, is one of the most effective in the industry. Saab chose a frequency band that is extremely resistant to jamming – the S-band.

GlobalEye is a multi-domain Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) solution. With its mix of modern active and passive sensors, it provides long-range detection and identification of objects in air, at sea and over land. Based on the Global 6000/6500 aircraft family from Bombardier, GlobalEye combines Saab’s Erieye Extended Range radar with an advanced suit of sensors and a multi-domain Command and Control (C2) system.

GlobalEye operating at 35 000ft can detect low-level threats (at 200ft) at distances exceeding 460 km (250 nautical miles). The numbers for ground based radars (2800ft) are 150 km (80 nautical miles). The ‘ski-box’ mounted on top of GlobalEye contains the 10 metre Erieye Extended Range radar antenna, which is the main sensor.

GlobalEye is the only AEW&C solution on the market that can provide long-range air-, sea- and land surveillance in real time, from a single platform. GlobalEye is an airborne solution that will support government- and military forces with real time-information. Whether in times of peace, crisis or war.

  • The powerful Erieye ER (Extended Range) radar to expand the detection distance for small and future targets. Detection and tracking range are significantly increased. It is designed to work in severe clutter and jamming conditions. The Adaptive Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar – energy is focused on areas or targets of interest.
  • Maritime surveillance detects sea targets out to the elevated horizon. It detects small boats like jet-skis at long distances. The unique combination of Erieye ER and maritime surveillance radar allows for detection of objects down to the size of a periscope. Automatic Identification System (AIS), Electro-Optical System (EOS) and (Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar) ISAR for identifying objects.
  • Ground surveillance detects moving objects through long-range wide area Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI). Radar images are weather-independent, with a dedicated radar.

The ultra-long range business jet is ideally suited for special missions applications, >11 h endurance. Excellent airfield performance, 6500 ft, allows the use of smaller airports. Full self-protection suite is included. The Global 6000/6500 aircraft from Bombardier adds over 11 hours of operational endurance, state-of-the-art avionics, and ideal working conditions for all crew members, making it perfectly suited for AEW&C missions.

Enhancing the radar detection range gives more airspace coverage and earlier detection and identification of threats. For an air commander, this is crucial. More time to decide and act means better chance of maintaining air supremacy. For naval and army commanders it means ease of mind, letting them focus on naval and land warfare operations respectively. At the same time, GlobalEye provides them with situational awareness beyond their own sensors. It can also provide positive identification of naval threats by utilising on-board EOS/IOS imaging and strategic ground moving target indication (GMTI) over battle areas.

Saab AB reported in November 2011 the United Arab Emirates is prepared to purchase two additional GlobalEye early warning aircraft for an estimated $1 billion - bringing the country's unique fleet to five jets. Ahead of formal, final negotiations, Saab President and CEO Micael Johansson informed attendees of the Dubai Airshow that the UAE is expected to ink a billion-dollar deal for the Stockholm-based firm's GlobalEye aircraft. The "potential order value" for the contract stood at $1.018 billion. Four years ago at the same airshow, the UAE announced it had finalized the first GlobalEye deal with Saab for two aircraft. Though the first delivery was not expected for some years, another early warning aircraft was ordered by the country in 2017.

In late April 2020, Saab announced the delivery of first of three ordered GlobalEye early warning systems to the United Arab Emirates. "The delivery of the first GlobalEye plane is a major milestone for Saab, but also an important historical step for airborne sensor platforms," Saab's President and CEO Micael Johansson said in a statement.

On 04 January 2021 Saab received a follow on contract with the United Arab Emirates regarding the sale of two GlobalEye systems, Saab’s advanced airborne surveillance system. The order value is USD 1.018 billion and the contract period is 2020-2025.

Saab GlobalEye - AEW&C / MPA Saab GlobalEye - AEW&C / MPA Saab GlobalEye - AEW&C / MPA Saab GlobalEye - AEW&C / MPA Saab GlobalEye - AEW&C / MPA

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