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FV 430 Series

Length 5.25 m
Width 2.8 m
Height 2.28 m
Weight 15.28 tonnes
Max Road Speed 52 Kph
Road Range 580 kms
Engine Rolls Royce K60
Crew Commander, driver and gunner2 + troops 10
Armament 7.62mm machine gun or L37 machine gun

FV 430 Series Variants

FV 430: Pre production model.
FV 432 Mk I Exhaust on hull top
FV 432 Mk I with Peak Engineering Turret: GPMG turret fitted.
FV 432 Mk II Exhaust on hull side
FV 432 Mk II with Peak Engineering Turret: GPMG turret fitted.
FV 432 Wombat 120mm Wombat recoilless rifle mounted over the rear troop compartment.
FV 432 Mine Layer Fitted with a Bar Mine or Ranger launcher system
FV 432 Command Fitted with map boards and extra radios.
FV 432 Mortar carrier British 81mm mortar fitted on turntable firing through the roof hatch.
FV 432 Ambulance Unarmed, equipped with four stretchers.
FV 432-30: equipped with a Fox armored car turret with a 30mm Rarden cannon.
FV 433Abbot self propelled gun. (see Abbot Page)
FV 434: Maintenance vehicle for Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers [REME] units.
FV 435Wavell Communications fitted vehicle.
FV 436 Mortar-locating radar system "Green Archer" or Cymbeline: Artillery location radar system fitted.
FV 437Pathfinder Special recovery vehicle
FV 438 Swingfire ATGW missile armed vehicle.
FV 439 Signals vehicle.

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