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Finland - Ilmavoimat / Air Force Order of Battle

In the military reform launched in 2012, the Air Force's organizational structure underwent one of the biggest changes in the history of the entire defense branch. As a result of the reform, Hornet operations were concentrated to the airports of Lapland and Karelia. The Satakunta Air Force was turned into a transport and exploration flight unit, which included the Air Force Center, which previously operated in the Hall, and which was also assigned to the Support Fleet. In addition, Hawk jet training and aeronautical training for the Air Force was concentrated at the Air Force School in Tikkakoski. As a result, the Air Force Technical School was closed at the end of 2013 and the Air Force School at the end of 2014.

At the same time, the Air Force abandoned the 3rd Main Command Center of Satakunta Air Force and established an Air Operations Center (IOK) within the Air Force Headquarters, which is responsible for the operational management of Finnish air defense. In addition, the Air Force Materials Department was integrated into the new Defense Forces Logistics Department.

Air Force Command

The Air Force Command Finland (AFCOMFIN) is located in the military installation of Luonetjärvi near the town Jyväskylä. It is the command headquarters of the Commander of the Air Force. The AFCOMFIN prepares matters as directed by the Commander and matters that are otherwise important service-wide, and allocates resources needed by the service’s units. The AFCOMFIN also coordinates cooperation between the Air Force with the Army, Navy, Border Guard, and various authorities as well as between the Air Force and foreign services in order to achieve goals established for military defense.

Lapland Air Command

One essential task of Lapland Air Command is training of active duty personnel, reservists and conscripts for various air defence duties. To succeed in its main tasks one hundred percent Lapland Air Command needs the contribution and professional skills of every man and woman working for the Air Command. At present Lapland Air Command has about 450 skilled employees in air defence related tasks throughout the Provinces of Lapland and Oulu. A major part of personnel work at the main base in Rovaniemi while a large number of specialists are placed at radar stations and other bases. Consequently, Lapland Air Command is one of the biggest employers as well as a partner that has an influential role in social life in its region.

Satakunta Air Command

The primary missions of the Satakunta Air Command are defensive counter air fighter operations, continuous air surveillance, and the air policing of the airspace of Southern Finland. The Air Command undertakes its operational missions around the clock, safeguarding the airspace of its area of responsibility 365 days of the year. The Air Command also trains conscripts, reservists, and active duty personnel for a variety of peacetime and wartime tasks and participates in search and rescue missions. The Satakunta Air Command’s area of responsibility encompasses the southwestern part of Finland and is congruent with the AOR of the Army’s Western Command, while in the south and west the air command’s AOR is bounded by a large swath of international airspace. Most of Finland’s population and the majority of the nation’s assets are found in this area

Karelia Air Command

Karelia Air Command provides airspace surveillance over its area of responsibility (AOR) in Eastern Finland, prevents airspace violations, and trains conscripts, reservists, and active duty personnel. The Air Command continuously strives to maintain and improve its readiness and other capabilities. It has a 24/7 operational command and control capability. The main operating base is in Rissala 20 kilometers from the town of Kuopio. The Air Command also has installations and facilities throughout its AOR.

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