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FH 77 155 mm Field Howitzer System

variant FH-77A Swedish Army FH-77B for export
Production [Jan 1997] 203 508
Muzzle Brake. Originally pepperpot, later a doublebaffle type was fitted to most piecesOriginally pepperpot, now doublebaffle
Recoil System Hydropneumatic Hydropneumatic
Breech Mechanism Vertical sliding block Interrupted screw, stepped thread
Carriage Type Split trail with auxiliary power unitSplit trail with auxiliary power unit
Shield None None
Ammunitionchambered for special Swedish pattern semi-fixed 155 millimeter ammunition in the following types: M/77B High Explosive/High Capacity, M/77 High Explosive, M54/77 High Explosive practice, Illuminating and Smokestandard NATO pattern separate/bagged 155 millimeter ammunition plus Extended Range Full Bore/Base Bleed types and rocket assisted projectiles
Dimensions specifications unique to Sweden. NATO production standards
length, when firing11.6 meters
(38.05 feet)
Caliber 155 millimeters
6.10 inches
155 millimeters
6.10 inches
Length overall 11.2 meters
36.75 feet
11.6 meters
38.05 feet
Barrel length 38 calibers/
5.89 meters
38 calibers /
19.32 feet
39 calibers/
6.05 meters
39 calibers/
19.83 feet
Traveling width 2.64 meters
8.66 feet
2.65 meters
8.69 feet
Firing width 7.18 meters
23.56 feet
7.21 meters
23.65 feet
Traveling height 2.75 meters
9.02 feet
2.81 meters
9.22 feet
Firing height 2.75 meters
9.02 feet
2.79 meters
9.15 feet
Traveling weight 11.5 tonnes
12.68 tons
11.99 tonnes
13.22 tons
Firing weight 11.45 tonnes
12.62 tons
11.98 tonnes
13.21 tons
Performance maximum range is with non assisted M/77 projectile with Charge 6 maximum ordnance range is with Extended Range Full Bore/Base Bleed projectile and Charge 9
Elevation +50 +70
Depression -3 -3
Traverse 30left/30right 30left/30right
Maximum range 22,000 meters 24,000 yards30,000 meters 32,800 yards
Maximum rate of fire 6 rounds in 25 seconds 6 rounds per minute
Sustained rate of fire 2 rounds per minute 2 rounds per minute
towed 70 kilometers per hour (44 miles per hour) behind a Saab-Scania SBAT 111S 6x6 truck70 kilometers per hour (44 miles per hour) behind a Saab-Scania SBAT 111S 6x6 or similar class truck
Auxiliary Power UnitVolvo supplies the B20 spark ignition engine which is rated 59.68 kilowatts (80 horsepower)

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