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CVR(T) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked

Alvis produced a substantial part of the British Army's tank fleet and has maintained high export levels. Its family of combat vehicles includes the Scorpion, Spartan, Sultan, Samson and Scimitar tanks and also the Saracen armoured personnel carrier and the Saladin armored vehicle. The ageing Scorpion and Scimitar vehicles did not stand out as efficient machines in the Gulf and Bosnian conflicts.

In the early 1960s, the British defence industry needed a fast and light armored vehicle that could be used for reconnaissance and infantry support purposes. The goal was, among other things, to replace the aging vehicles such as the Saladin. Whether the new vehicle should be a wheeled, or a tracked vehicle was initially unclear, and so there emerged at that time two families, since both variants had both advantages and disadvantages. One was the CVR(T) Scorpion family tracked vehicles, and the other was the CVR(W) Fox family with a wheel chassis. After extensive test with different prototypes of such vehicles, the production of two thousand tracked of the the ALVIS "Scorpion" FV 101 began in the spring of 1970. On the basis of the Scorpion, different vehicle models for different tasks were begun.

The Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) (CVR(T)) fleet was subject to many improvements, a number of which are ongoing, including a major programme to convert the vehicles from petrol to diesel. This will reduce whole life costs. Additionally, studies are in place to assess the viability of introducing Battle Group Thermal Imagers and the BOWMAN communications system to the vehicle.

Type Quantity 1994 Planned changes
CVR (Wheeled) Fox 356 It is planned that all vehicles will be taken out of service by early 1995
CVR(T) Scorpion 262 104 will be converted to CVR(T) Sabre using turrets from Fox vehicles. A further 31 will remain in service at the British Army Training Unit, Suffield (BATUS) in Canada. It is planned that the remainder will be taken out of service by the end of 1994
CVR(T) Sabre 2 Total will be 106 after conversion of 104 Fox and 104 Scorpion
CVR(T) Samson 90 Due to reduce to approximately 55
CVR(T) Striker 89 Due to reduce to approximately 58
CVR(T) Sultan 283 Due to reduce to approximately 141
CVR(T) Spartan 658 Due to reduce to approximately 627
CVR(T) Samaritan 50 No changes planned
CVR(T) Scimitar 314 No changes planned

By 2004 the average age of the British Army fleet for the FV430, CVR(T) and Saxon Light Armoured Vehicles was:

Vehicle Average age (years)
FV430 series 38
CVR(T) 31
Saxon 14

At that time an endorsed in-service date for the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES), and the numbers and types of vehicles to be procured as part of the FRES programme, would not be determined until the assessment phase of the programme has been completed.

FV101 "Scorpion"
Reconnaissance and infantry support vehicle with 76 mm gun
FV102 "Striker"
Anti-tank with Swingfire anti-tank missiles
FV103 "Spartan"
armored personnel carrier (APC)
FV104 "Samaritan"
FV105 "Sultan"
Command post and guide tanks
FV 106 Samson
Armored recovery vehicle for the CVR(T) vehicles
FV 107 Scimitar
Reconnaissance and infantry support with 30 mm Rarden rapid fire Cannon
"Scorpion 90"
Export only, with a Belgian Cockerill 90 mm cannon (Mk3M-A1)'
Reconnaissance and infantry support with 30 mm Rarden rapid-fire Cannon
The FV 4333 "Stormer" was developed to provide new and more powerful weapons systems to a new platform, and thus the "Stormer-family" was born in the early 1980s which carries the designation FV 4333. To achieve a higher usable space and payload capacity, the vehicle in addition to various small changes to a Castor 6 was expanded and fitted with a wire-capable engine. The length of the vehicle has been increased from 4, 36 m 27, 5 m.FV 4333
FV4333 "Stormer HVM
(High velocity missile) Air defence system for the close-range with the SMS Starstreak high velocity missile (HVM) system
FV4333 "Stormer TRV
(Troop Recce vehicle) Reconnaissance, supply, and armored personnel carrier
FV4333 "Shielder" VLSMS
(Vehicle launched scatterable mine system)

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