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CVF Future Aircraft Carrier CVF class


Displacement65,000 tons [60,000 tons]
Length283m / 920 feet [275-290 meters]
Flight Deck Width69-75m / 224-230-240 feet]
Beam39m / 127 feet
Draft 36 ft
Speed25+ knots
Range~ 10,000
Propulsion conventional
2 x Rolls-Royce MT30 Gas Turbines
4 x Diesel Generator Sets
total installed power of 109MWe
112,000 shp
2 shafts
  • 4 X 30mm auto cannons
  • 4 X 20mm CIWS
  • Catapultnone
    MOD considered a number of Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE) solutions, which were subsequently discounted as not being sufficiently technologically mature to offer a viable solution.
    Aircraft Carrier Air Group of 40 [up to 48?] aircraft:
  • The maximum embarked air group is up to 36 Joint Strike Fighters and four Airborne Early Warning aircraft
  • Future Organic Airborne Early Warning (FOAEW) - Options for FOAEW could include:
    • EH101 (Merlin) helicopter
    • V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor
    • E-2C Hawkeye
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAVs)
    • Lighter Than Air Vehicles (LTAVs)
  • Helicopters in a variety of roles that could include anti-submarine warfare, support and attack
  • Crew~1,500-1,600, including air group [~1,200]
    Service Life50 years

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