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BAE Hagglunds CV90120-T

The Hagglunds Vehicle CV 90120 light tank consists of a slightly modified CV 90 chassis, produced for Norway and Sweden, fitted with a new three-man turret mounting a Swiss Ordnance 120 mm smoothbore gun with a computerised fire-control system and stabilised day/night sights. Whereas most armored vehicles rely solely on traditional armoured steel, the CV90120 is fitted with a Defensive Aid Suite (DAS) soft-and hard-kill. This classifies potential threats, gives threat warnings via the Vehicle Information System (VIS), deploys countermeasures and supports the driver with driving instructions to reduce the risk of being hit.

CV90120-T Tank carries a new 120 mm, fully stabilized, high-pressure, low recoil tank gun. The CV90120-T is a result of cooperation between Hagglunds Vehicle AB, (for turret, chassis and system integration), Swiss Ordnance Enterprise (for the gun) and CelsiusTech Vetronics (for fire control, gunner´s sight and commander´s independent sight).

CV90120-T's prime objective is to provide supreme fire power and accuracy against all targets on the battlefield. This is achieved through a combination of the extreme mobility features of the CV90, a modular concept of survivability through stealth design, ballistic armour, warning receivers and countermeasures and last, but not least, dominant battlefield awareness, with a battlefield management system and three sights, operated independently by three members of the crew. An additional positive feature of this vehicle is the support and life cycle costs, which are considerably lower than the costs of a main battle tank.

The Hagglunds CV90120-T's blend of lethality, survivability and battlefield awareness fulfils the demands of the future battlefield. This capability enables the CV90120-T to play a significant part in multi-role military operations throughout the world and so it is no surprise that the CV90120-T is currently under evaluation in a variety of different countries around the world.

The CV90120 was developed to meet a specific demand - firepower comparable to an MBT, in a lighter, more mobile vehicle. The vehicle fires all standard NATO 120mm smooth bore ammunition from the battle-proven platform of the CV90. This delivers a level of mobility that provides the crew with the tactical and strategic edge. It also provides forces with a cost-effective route to gaining battle-winning firepower. The CV90120 integrates a modular Defensive Aid Suite, including laser, radar and missile approach warners. This provides outstanding survivability for highly fragmented, multi-spectral battlefields. A number of optional additional measures further increase survivability: Multi-Spectral Aerosol (MSA); Active countermeasure system; and Top-attack radar, identifying intelligent, indirect munitions.

The CV90120 provides battle groups with great sustained long-range anti-tank capability, accurately delivered fire-support, high mobility, advanced identification capability and state-of-the-art protection. With its lightweight design, the CV90120 is more maneuverable on the battlefield than traditional tanks, yet can still match them in terms of firepower. The tank gun is a powerful main weapon that allows the lightweight CV90120 to contend with any contemporary threat.

Several 120 mm gun options exist. The low ground pressure, rubber tracks and active damping enables the CV90120 to move to wherever it is needed and face any threat on the battlefield. The CV90120, at 26 to >40 tonnes has the same high operational tempo as the rest of the CV90 family.

Flexibility within the CV90 family has also allowed for the inclusion of modern sensor-based protection. The CV90120 also has the state-of-theart ADAPTIV cloaking system, which works to keep the vehicle hidden from potential threats by altering its thermal signature. This, and the vehicle’s other defensive systems, ensures the CV90120’s crew survivability against modern day battlefield threats.

The CV90120’s capabilities also come at a much lower cost than traditional tanks. With half the weight of standard tanks, the CV90120’s fuel consumption and component wear is significantly lower. This allows armed forces to provide the best possible protection and armament for their crews at maximum cost efficiency. With its main gun, improved hunterkiller capability and the mobility of the CV90 family, the CV90120 is a combat vehicle that increases crew survivability and guarantees mission success.

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