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SA 330 Puma
AS 532 Cougar


The Cougar name was adopted for all military variants, and in 1990, all Super Puma designations were changed from AS 332 to AS 532 to distinguish between civil and military variants. The "5" denotes military, "A" is armed, "C" is armed-antitank, and "U" is utility. The second letter represents the level of "upgrading".

  • SA 330 Puma: Developed in the late 1960s by Aerospatiale in France. Others were built in the UK, Indonesia, Romania.
  • SA 355 Squirrel: The AS-355F replaced the AS-355E from early 1982, and introduced new wider chord main rotor blades and a higher max takeoff weight. The AS-355F was followed by the AS-355F-1 in January 1984 and AS-355F-2 in December 1985, which introduced progressively higher maximum takeoff weights. The current production model is the AS-355N Ecureuil 2 which introduced twin Turbomeca TM-319 Arrius turboshafts. As with the single engined AS-550, the twin engine military AS-555 is marketed as the Fennec (the AS-555SN is fitted with a chin mounted search radar for ASW). The AS-355 is built under licence in Brazil as the Helibras HB-355 Esquilo.
  • AS 532 Cougar Mk I UC/AC is a military version with a short fuselage capable of carrying 21 commandos, which can be fitted with equipment for maximum efficiency in all theaters of operation: radar or missile detector, decoy-launcher. Moreover, its optional equipment make it truly multi-purpose: winch, projector, specific equipment for SAR missions, or, for instance, crashworthy seats, IR camera, NVG compatible cockpit for special missions. The AC version is the armed version and can be equipped with side-mounted machine-guns and axial pods fitted with either 20-mm guns or 68-mm rocket-launchers.
  • AS 332 Super Puma: Differs from the SA 330 Puma through an improved rotor system, upgraded engines, stretched fuselage, and a modified nose shape.
  • AS-532 Cougar Mk I UE is the basic version with long fuselage of the military Cougar MK1 range. The aircraft can transport 25 commandos in addition to the crew (1 chief of stick + 24 troop seats). For tactical transport and logistical support missions the Cougar UE is offered "ready for use". Its standard configuration includes a minimum of radio (2 VHF/AM,TRANSPONDER, ICS...) and navigation (VOR, ADF, D.M.E., GPS...) equipment performing tasks, military operators normally require.
  • AS 532 Cougar Mk I UL/AL is the "long" version which can carry up to 25 commandos or 6 injured passengers lying down and 10 other people. Like the other versions, it is capable of lifting 4.5 tons on a sling. The Horizon battlefield ground surveillance system can be installed on the AS 532 UL.
  • AS 532 Cougar Mk I SC is the naval version of the Cougar, and its main missions are the following: anti-surface unit warface (ASUW) fitted with AM 39 missiles, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) with a variable-depth sonar and torpedoes, and search and rescue and sea patrols.
  • AS 532 Cougar Mk II U2 A2 helicopter has the biggest cabin volume in its category : 29 commandos or 12 stretchers with medical equipment, and is capable of carrying 5 tons on the sling. This 1992 version is the longest variant of the Cougar line. It has an improved Spheriflex rotor system with only 4x tail rotor blades, and 2x 2,100-shp Turbomeca Makila 1A2 turboshaft engines that allow an increased cargo carrying capability. It can transport 29 troops or 12 litters, or an external load of 5,000 kg. Primarily used for combat search and rescue, and as an armed version. It may be armed additionally with a 20-mm cannon or pintle-mounted .50 caliber machine guns. Its basic design with screens in the cockpit and a 4-axis autopilot with built-in coupler makes it possible to reduce the crew workload and increase its safety for tactical flight by the same degree.
  • AS 535 Cougar Mk II A2 RESCO : The main mission of the A2 RESCO is to recover aircrews downed in combat areasplant (RESCO is the French acronym for Combat Search and Rescue or CSAR). For very long range operations, the CSAR Cougar Mk 2 can operate at a higher alternate gross weight of 11,200 kg compared to its normal maximum mission weight of 9,750 kg. With this enhanced capability, the Cougar can rescue two crew members 400 nautical miles away.

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