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Ground Test Articles
Ground Test AircraftN/AN/A N/A An exact replica of the front half of Concorde was not designed to fly, but was used in the Concorde test program in the 1970s to develop the cockpit and cabin layout. It measures 22 meters (72 feet) in length and includes a nose cone complete with Pitot head, fully equipped cockpit featuring a mix of actual and replica instrumentation complete with Pilot seats, and 9 rows of seats (36 seats in total). This item has been on public display for the last 24 years and is a very accessible visitor attraction.
Static Test SpecimenN/AAérospatiale N/A The Concorde static test specimen - the third airframe to be built, was assembled in May 1968 at CEAT, Toulouse, and tested to destruction on 25 June 1994.
Fatigue Test SpecimenN/AMinistry of Trade and Industry N/A The Concorde full scale fatigue test specimen - the sixth airframe to be built, was tested at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough.
001 Concorde F-WTSS Aérospatiale 1967-12-11 First French prototype, retired to the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace at Le Bourget in October 1973
002 Concorde G-BSST Ministry of Trade and Industry 1968-09 First British prototype, retired to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton in March 1976
101 Concorde G-AXDN Ministry of Trade and Industry 1971-09-20 British preproduction model with a modified visor windshield, longer forward fuselage, and extended tail, retired to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford in August 1977
102 Concorde F-WTSA Aérospatiale 1972-09-28 French preproduction model, retired to the Musee Delta at Orly Airport
Production - Aerospatiale
201 Concorde 100 F-WTSB Aérospatiale 1973-12-06 Preserved
203 Concorde 101 F-BTSC Air France 1980-10-23 crashed shortly after take-off from Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport on 25 July 2000
205 Concorde 101 F-BVFA Air France 1980-06-01 Preserved
207 Concorde 101 F-BVFB Air France 1980-06-01 Preserved
209 Concorde 101 F-BVFC Air France 1980-06-01 Preserved
211 Concorde 101 F-BVFD Air France 1980-06-01 retired following a reduction in routes flown by the French airline. She last flew in May 1982 and was withdrawn from service. She was scrapped in 1994.
213 Concorde 101 F-BTSD Air France 1996-04-09 Preserved
215 Concorde 101 F-BVFF Air France 1980-10-23 Preserved
Production - British Aerospace
202 Concorde 100 G-BBDG British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) 1974-02-13 Preserved
204 Concorde 102 G-BOAC British Airways 1980-08-11 Preserved
206 Concorde 102 G-BOAA British Airways 1980-07-28 Preserved
208 Concorde 102 G-BOAB British Airways 1980-09-17 Preserved
210 Concorde 102 G-BOAD British Airways 1980-06-19 Preserved
212 Concorde 102 G-BOAE British Airways 1980-07-01 Preserved
214 Concorde 102 G-BOAG British Airways 1981-02-09 Preserved
216 Concorde 102 G-BOAF British Airways 1980-06-12 Preserved

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