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Swiss Army

The territorial regions 1 to 4: are the link to the civil authorities and ensure a successful collaboration between the Swiss Army and the cantons, and coordinate the territorial tasks in their rooms, are responsible for keeping the support and the subsidiary security operations within their Facilities and Federal Council in neighboring countries, can be used for operations at the operational level and lead the subordinate organizations in use; provide training and leadership readiness of the cantonal territorial connections.

The Army after 2016 underwent a significant reduction. Until 2016, they had 4 regional commands, 8 brigades (2 armored, 3 infantry and 3 mountain), plus a military police brigade and 4 training regiments (tank / artillery, infantry, engineering and logistics). In the 1st and 11th armored brigade were 7-8 battalions (2 tank, 2 mechanized, reconnaissance, 1-2 engineering, communications) and 1-2 artillery d-on. The brigade had 112 Leopard 2 tanks, 124 infantry fighting vehicles CV9030, 45-65 BRM Eagle II, 48 120-mm SM, 24-48 SG M109, 20-28 SPTRK TOW-2.

In the 2nd and 5th infantry brigades there were 6-7 battalions (3-4 infantry, reconnaissance, engineering, communications) and 2 artillery d-teams. The brigade was 186-248 APC Piranha, St. 15-20 BRM Eagle II, 48-64 81-mm mortar, 36-48 120-mm CM, 72-96 Dragon ATGM. In the 7th reserve infantry brigade there were 9 battalions (3 infantry, 2 mountain, 3 reconnaissance and 1 communications). In the 9th and 12th mountain brigades there were 6 battalions each (5 mountain and communications or 3 high, 2 infantry, communications), as well as artillery dr. In the 10th reserve mountain brigade there were 10 battalions (3 infantry, 2 mountain, 2 tank, reconnaissance, 2 communications) and 2 artillery d-on.

By 2018 only 3 mechanized brigades remained in the command of the SV , including:

  1. 1st Mechanized Brigade (Walrus, suburb of Lausanne): 6 battalions (headquarters, 2 mechanized on BMP, tank, reconnaissance, engineering) and artillery dr.
  2. 4th Mechanized Brigade (Aarau): 4 battles (headquarters, 2 reconnaissance, pontoon bridge) and 2 artillery d-on.
  3. The 11th mechanized brigade (Kur): organization as in the 1st mechanized brigade.

At the same time, the organization of the 1st and 11th brigades is like that of the mechanized brigades of the NE of NATO countries, and that of the 4th brigade is like that of an artillery brigade.

The territorial troops in 2018 include:

  1. 1st territorial division (Morzh): 8 battalions (headquarters, 4 motorized infantry on an armored troop-carrier, mining, 2 engineering, including 1 emergency response), rescue coordination center, ice patrol team.
  2. 2nd Territorial Division (Krins): 7 battalions (headquarters, 4 motorized infantry on an armored troop-carrier, 2 engineering, including 1 emergency response), a rescue coordination center.
  3. 3rd Territorial Division (Altdorf): 7 battalions (headquarters, 4 mining, 2 engineering, including 1 emergency response), rescue coordination center.
  4. 4th territorial division (St. Gallen): 7 battalions (headquarters, 2 motorized infantry on an armored personnel carrier, 2 mountain, 2 engineering, including 1 emergency response) rescue coordination center.

Hence, in the territorial division there are 7-8 battalions (headquarters, 4-5 motorized infantry or mountain and 2 engineering), and in organization they are more like brigades.

Brigades, which are recruited on a territorial basis, are composed of battalions, and generally have about 8,500 troops - nearly twice as many as in an American Army brigade. The Brigades are ready to perform missions imputed and assigned associations; provide in cooperation with the planning and human resources - especially the officers - and the introduction and training of new material in the assumed and assigned associations safe, responsible for education and training, the willingness and the use of subordinate staffs and organizations, working in the planning and development of operational doctrine and in the development of combat and operational procedures to stage troops body.

There are three readily accessible sources of order of battle information on the Swiss Army, the IISS Military Balance [identifies Brigades but only counts battalions], the Swiss Army's very nice website, which is updated frequently, and the Militr International of the neighboring Austrian Army, which provides data from the year 2008. Since the end of the Cold War, absent the threat of invasion for the first time in centuries, the headcount of the Swiss Army has been in freefall, and so it would be be surprising that there should be considerable reorganization, which was undertaken in the 2008-2011 timeframe. The Austrian Militr International provides a snapshot before, while the Swiss Army website provides an after. While the latter two sources are in general agreement, they vary considerably in detail. Units reported in 2008 that have since been dis-established are crossed out, while new units are indicated in bold. All maps are lies, so in the interest of clarity and simplicity some renumbering of units is not indicated. Two Brigades present in 2008 have since been disestablished, and one new Brigade formed.

4 Territorial regions (1, 2, 3, 4) 5 Training centers (Infantry, grenadiers, Tanks, Engineers, logistics)
Command land forces Military security forces

1 Infantry Brigade

2 Leadership Support Battalion
2 Mechanized Recon Battalion
13 Infantry Battalion
19 Infantry Battalion
24 Infantry Battalion
2 Artillery Battalion
41 Artillery Battalion
2 Engineer Battalion

2 Infantry Brigade

2 Leadership Support Battalion
2 Recon Battalion
1 Carabinier Battalion
14 Carabinier Battalion
19 Infantry Battalion
54 Artillery Battalion

4 Infantry Brigade

4 Leadership Support Battalion
4 Mechanized Recon Battalion
5 Infantry Battalion
11 Infantry Battalion
16 Infantry Battalion
36 Infantry Battalion
4 Artillery Battalion
4 Engineer Battalion

5 Infantry Brigade

5 Leadership Support Battalion
3 Mechanized Recon Battalion
5 Mechanized Recon Battalion
11 Infantry Battalion
20 Infantry Battalion
56 Infantry Battalion
97 Infantry Battalion
10 Artillery Battalion
32 Artillery Battalion
5 Engineer Battalion

7 Infantry Brigade

7 Leadership Support Battalion
7 Reconnaissance Battalion
9 Reconnaissance Battalion
12 Reconnaissance Battalion
8 Mechanized Infantry Battalion
28 Mechanized Infantry Battalion
72 Mountain Infantry Battalion
91 Mountain Infantry Battalion
54 Infantry Battalion
60 Infantry Battalion
73 Infantry Battalion
19 Artillery Battalion
47 Artillery Battalion
7 Engineer Battalion

9 Mountain Infantry Brigade

9 Leadership Support Battalion
9 Reconnaissance Battalion
7 Mountain Infantry Battalion
17 Mountain Infantry Battalion
29 Mountain Infantry Battalion
30 Mountain Infantry Battalion
48 Mountain Infantry Battalion
49 Artillery Battalion

10 Mountain Infantry Brigade

10 Leadership Support Battalion
10 Mechanized Recon Battalion
8 Mountain Infantry Battalion
10 Mountain Infantry Battalion
24 Mountain Infantry Battalion
36 Mountain Infantry Battalion
32 Artillery Battalion
41 Artillery Battalion
15 Tank Battalion
20 Tank Battalion

12 Mountain Infantry Brigade

12 Leadership Support Battalion
10 Mechanized Recon Battalion
6 Infantry Battalion
65 Infantry Battalion
70 Infantry Battalion
77 Mountain Infantry Battalion
85 Mountain Infantry Battalion
13 Fortress Artillery Battalion

1 Armored Brigade

1 Leadership Support Battalion
1 Mechanized Recon Battalion
12 Tank Battalion
17 Tank Battalion
18 Tank Battalion
16 Mechanized Infantry Battalion
18 Mechanized Infantry Battalion
20 Mechanized Infantry Battalion
1 Artillery Battalion
2 Engineer Battalion

11 Armored Brigade

10 Mechanized Recon Battalion
13 Tank Battalion
14 Tank Battalion
29 Tank Battalion
27 Mechanized Infantry Battalion
28 Mechanized Infantry Battalion
29 Mechanized Infantry Battalion
16 Artillery Battalion
36 Artillery Battalion
11 Engineer Battalion
11 Leadership Support Battalion

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