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Country United Kingdom (UK)
Builder Blackburn
Similar Aircraft AV-8 Harrier, F-4 Phantom, Jaguar
Crew Two
Length 63 ft, 5 in (19.34 m)
Span 44 ft (13.5 m)
Height 4.95 meters / 16 feet 3 inches
empty weight 13.6 tonnes 30,000 pounds
max loaded weight 28.1 tonnes 62,000 pounds
Type Attack, Maritime duties, reconnaissance
Ceiling 12200 meters
Cruise range 1700 nm
In-Flight Refueling Yes
Internal Fuel 5446 kg
Payload 7257kg ext/ 1811kg int
Sensors Blue parrot radar, RWR, FLIR, Balistic bombsight
Drop Tanks Slipper tank with 908kg of fuel for 142nm range
Int Bay Tank with 1598kg of fuel for 499nm range
Armament Sea Egle, AS.37 Martel, ALQ-101, AIM-9L, BL755, Green Parrot nuclear Bomb, GBU-10, Pave Spike Pod
User Countries South Africa, UK

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