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Juan Carlos I Strategic Projection Vessel
BPE Buque de Proyección Estratégica

Mission profiles

Mission Profile

  • Depending on the mission assigned, the ship will be configured accordingly.
  • The main configurations are:
    • Amphibious operations.
    • Combined deployment with the Army.
    • Fleet projection (alternative aircraft-carrier)
    • Humanitarian aid operations.


In order to carry out the mission entrusted, the ship has certain capabilities allowing for flexibility in her configuration.

The ship has an aft RO-RO ramp and two lateral ramps. The aft ramp and those of the heavy cargo deck are capable of embarking Leopard type tanks.

The main capabilities of the ship are:

  • Air capability.
  • Vehicle transport capability.
  • Amphibious capability.
  • Troop transport capability.
  • Humanitarian Aid capability.

Amphibious capability

Image:Amphibious capability

Amphibious capability

For amphibious operations the ships has a flooding deck with capacity for:

  • 4 LCM-1E/LCM-8 + 4/6 SUPERCAT type RIBs.
  • 1 LCAC
  • LVT’s

Dock features:

  • Length: 69.3 m.
  • Width: 16.8 m.
  • Door: 16.8 x 11.5 m.

Image:Light cargo hangar

Light cargo hangar

Image:Heavy cargo hangar

Heavy cargo hangar

Troop transport capability

Image:Model of the nose LHD Juan Carlos I

The ship has space for the following personnel:

Amphibious operations complement
Officers Petty-Officers Ratings Total

Additional troops may embark setting up billet containers in the hangar.

Crew 24 49 170 243
Staff 45 32 26 103
Landing Force 46 64 792 902
Beach Naval Group 1 4 18 23
Embarked Air Crews 41 60 71 172

Humanitarian aid capability

Transport capability

  • Containers.
  • Materiel (pallets).
  • CIMIC module.
  • Medical vehicles.
  • Space for evacuated civilians.
  • Capacity for 144 containers.

Image:Light cargo hangar

Light cargo hangar

  • 2 Operating theatres.
  • 1 Dentist’s room.
  • 1 Sick bay.
  • 1 Consulting room.
  • 1 First aid room.
  • 1 ICU.
  • 1 Infectious unit.
  • 1 Injury selection area.
  • 1 X-ray room.
  • 1 Lab.
  • 1 Chemist’s.
Image:Heavy cargo hangar

Heavy cargo hangar

Access to the hospital:

The ship has an elevator for sick personnel connecting the dock, the flight deck and cargo decks with the hospital in a fast and efficient way.

Image:Access to the hospital

Access to the hospital

Vehicle transport capability

Transport capability for both, heavy and light vehicles is as follows:

Image:Light cargo hangar

Light cargo hangar

  • Heavy vehicles: The heavy vehicles garage has 1,400 m2 for M-60 or Leopard type tanks. This area can be increased in 975 m2 if the dock is used as a garage (up to 46 tanks).
  • Light vehicles: The light vehicles garage is next to the aircraft hangar. The area, therefore, can take up to 2,046 m2.
Image:Heavy cargo hangar

Heavy cargo hangar

Air Capability

The ship has the following elements for air operations:

  • Flight deck with a 12º sky-jump for VSTOL aircraft.
  • Helicopter landing spots for, at least, 4 CH-47 CHINOOK or 6 medium type helicopters like the SH-3D or NH-90.
  • 2 elevators with capability for embarked aircraft with portable control panels of the elevator platforms. The elevators will be big enough for future larger aircraft. Specifically, the ship will be able to operate with the scheduled VSTOL version of the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter).
  • Flight Deck 201.9 metre long and 32 metre wide.

Image:Flight Deck

Flight Deck

The following aircraft can operate from the LHD:

  • V-22 Osprey (a spot aft of the flight deck).
  • AV-8B Plus
  • Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
  • 6 NH-90
  • 6 SH-3D
  • 4 CH-47 Chinook
  • 6 AB 212
  • 1 SA spot

Image:Flight Hangar

Flight Hangar

The air capabilities of the ship include parking and hangar areas for VSTOL aircraft (AV-8B Plus “Harrier” and/or JSF) and helicopters (NH-90, SH-3D, AB 212, etc).

Image:General cargo arrangement.Air Operations

General cargo arrangement.Air Operations

The general arrangement will be as follows:

  • 12 aircraft in the hangar (including CH-47 “Chinook” with folded blades). The capacity can be enhanced up to 30 aircraft (10 CH-47) using the light vehicles garage.
  • 6 aircraft on the flight deck (including 4 CH-47 operating simultaneously).
Image:General cargo arrangement.Maximum capacity of AV-8B Plus

General cargo arrangement.Maximum capacity of AV-8B Plus

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