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AKREP-IIe Electrical Armored Vehicle

The AKREP-IIe in surveillance and force recon/combat reconnaissance configuration has a crew of three; Driver, Gunner and Commander. However, all the main functions of this vehicle can be implemented by a crew of two. The Driver sits in the center of the vehicle upfront and has access to a modern, sports car like, re-programmable three large flat-panel multi-function displays. Commander (left) and Gunner (right) sits behind the Driver and can control sensors, radios and the 25mm gun the AKREP-IIe is carrying. Both Commander and Gunner have a large multi-function display and the Gunner can control the 25mm remotely operated gun via control stick with multi-function buttons. Vehicle is also fitted with a mast-mounted long-range day/night observation system with 360-degree surveillance capability.

Designed and developed by Otokar as an armored reconnaissance and weapons platform, the AKREP-IIe 4x4 New Generation Armored Vehicle Product Group is manufactured to fulfil the contemporary and future demands of armies with its low silhouette. In addition to its operational performance under all types of field conditions the vehicle has high maneuver capability and has an infrastructure that enables the utilization of alternative power packs such as electricity, diesel and hybrid. The power generation and transmission systems, sensors, computers, communication and targeting systems are integrated within a single system in the AKREP-IIe and the vehicle provides an infrastructure that will accelerate the transition to autonomous vehicles.

Different configurations of the AKREP-IIe were designed, such as the Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle, Fire Support Vehicle (90mm gun), Light Weight Infantry Support Vehicle (25mm gun, the model displayed at the Fair) and Laser Gun Vehicle. Two NMC540 Serial new generation Li-Ion battery packs manufactured by Altinay Company were included in the Light -Weight Infantry Support Vehicle with a hybrid propulsion system were displayed at the Fair. The product AxleTech an independent suspension system is also present in the vehicle. The AKREP-II Fire Support Vehicle to be equipped with a 360hp power capacity diesel engine and CMI Cockerill CSE90LP 90mm automatic gun is expected to be revealed at the EuroSatory 2020 Fair.

Two propulsion options are proposed for the AKREP-IIe Electrical Armored Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle. The version revealed to the media at the Anechoic Chamber at Otokar plant in Arifiye in April 2019 is fitted with novel full electric drive/propulsion technology including a pair of alternators/DC motor (procured from a undisclosed foreign company and each generating 180kW, around 250hp) and Altinays battery packs (which can be mounted both in the front and in the rear of the vehicle) that generate around 500hp. With existing Altinays NMC540 Serial new generation Li-Ion battery packs AKREP-IIe has a range of 250km on a single charge and the battery packs can be recharged within 3 hours. The second version, which is currently under development, will be fitted with a 450hp diesel engine. An ongoing development effort for this version is scheduled to be completed in a year. Thanks to its full electric drive technology AKREP-II has an extra punch in performance (compared to the diesel propulsion version) when needed and can also execute its mission silently in high-threat environments without radiating any thermal and acoustic signature. The AKREP-IIe can be airlifted by the C-130 Hercules and A400M military cargo aircraft. This means the AKREP-IIe can be flown directly into the area of operations and can roll off their transports ready to go to work.

Having a combat weight of 13.5 tons the AKREP-IIe offers similar ballistic protection capability with COBRA-II (according to open sources the baseline vehicle is STANAG 4569 Level 3 compliant). Its armored monocoque hull is fabricated from high-hardness armor steel. The AKREP-IIe also uses several common subsystems with COBRA-II and is being considered as a first step of Otokar into the field of unmanned combat vehicles.

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