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Airbus A310 Multi Role Transport (MRT)
Airbus A310 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT)

Specifications (MRT)
Country of Origin France/Germany
Builder Airbus Industrie (Airframe)/ Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace GmbH and Lufthansa Technik (MRT/MRTT conversion)
Role Multi-role transport/mid-air refueling aircraft
Length 153 feet (46.66 meters)
Wingspan 144 feet (43.90 meters)
Height 51 feet (15.80 meters)
Fuselage Diameter 18 feet (5.64 meters)
Weight (Maximum Takeoff) 346,100 pounds (157 metric tons)
Weight (Operating, Empty) 174,150 pounds (79 metric tons)
Fuel Capacity (Including 1 Additional Tank) 120,800 pounds (54.8 metric tons)
Speed (Maximum Cruise) Mach 0.84
Maximum Cruise Altitude 41,000 feet (12,500 meters)
Range (w/ 214 Passengers) 4,450 nautical miles (8,250 kilometers)
Range (w/ 57 Passengers/30 Tons Cargo) 3,400 nautical miles (6,300 kilometers)
Range (w/ 57 Passengers/10 Tons Cargo) 5,100 nautical miles (9,450 kilometers)
Range (Maximum) 5,700 nautical miles (10,560 kilometers)
Powerplant 2x GE-CF6-80C2A2

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