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Saab A36 / Projekt 1300

Saab 36, also Project 1300 and later the military designation A36 Vargen (Wolf), was a supersonic bomber designed to carry an 800 kg free-falling nuclear weapon, but plans for the bomber were cancelled in 1957, and the Swedish nuclear weapons program was cancelled in the 1960s. In the late 1940's work was started on getting Sweden nuclear weapons, which studies showed would be technically and economically feasible. In 1952 Saab started designing an aircraft with long range, large weapon load and high speed as 'Project 1300'. As the 13 in the beginning is the overall name as the later numbers (76) are used to show which airframe will be used.

It was equipped with a single seat, straight delta wing with 62 degrees sweepback, chin intake and internal weapon bay. The latter only because of concerns about accidental detonation due to the high temperatures air friction would cause. Primary weapon would be a 600-800 kg free fall nuclear weapon. The project was cancelled in 1957 and all resources concentrated on Viggen. However, it wasn't until 1966 parliament finally decided Sweden wasn't going to get nuclear weapons. The engine was to be a version of the British Bristol Olympus turbojet, the same engine powering the Avro Vulcan jet bomber.

In issue 4/1991 of the magazine Flygrevyn there is an article the Saab project 1300, which later were given the Air Force designation A 36, although it was never built.

The 1325 was an intended replacement for the J 35 Draken with Mach 2.4 - 2.8 performance at high altitude. Jst like the French Mirage, it would also be assisted by a built-in rocket engine in the tail for extra acceleration.

The 1350 was a scaled-up attack version of the fighter 1325 with internal bomb space ala FB 111. 1350 was designed entirely to be able to carry and deliver a Swedish bomb "Type 1", ie a tactical nuclear charge. A-36 could have had a more elaborate air intake that allowed higher speed.

The decision to close down the Swedish nuclear weapons program sealed the fate of 1350. And 1325 could of course have been driven to a super-plane in the highest world class - but the price tag was then and SAAB wisely put down the project.

Length 17 m
Span 9,6 m
Wing area 54 square meters
Empty weight 9000 kg
Max load 1500 kg
Fuel 4000 kg
Max take off weight 15000 kg
Engine Bristol Olympus
Thrust/weight ratio (take off) 0,73
Max speed Mach 2,14 above 11 km; mach 1,2 at low altitude
Radius of action 410 km
Ceiling 18 km
Take off run 490 m
Armament 1 600800-kg (1,3001,800-lb) free-fall nuclear bomb

Saab A36 / Projekt 1300

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