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4K3H / 4K4FA / tracked APC

The 4K 4FA tracked APC was created in the early 1960's on the basis of an earlier model, the 4K3H. Production of the 4K 7FA, an improved version of the APC, began in the mid-1980s and by 1989 it had entered the inventory of the Austrian Army, had been purchased by Bolivia and Nigeria, and was being produced in Greece under license. In contrast to the base model, the 4K 7FA is equipped with passive night vision devices and its engine and transmission were improved.

The APC's enclosed armored hull protects against small arms fire and fragments of artillery and mortar projectiles. The frontal armor is 20 mmthick. The driving compartment is in the front left partand the power plant is on the right. The assault compartment accommodates eight fully equipped infantrymen. The APC is armed with a 12-mm or 7.62-mm machine-gun. There is a version of the APC on which a single-place turret with 20-mm automatic gun is mounted.

The 4A 4FA APC uses a six-cylinder diesel engine and mechanical transmission. The running gear has torsion-bar suspension. The APC is non-amphibious; it can negotiate a ford up to 1 m deep. A command and staff vehicle, medical vehicle, 81-mm self-propelled mortar, and self-propelled anti-aircraft mount armed with two 20-mm twin automatic guns were created on the base of this APC. There also were plans to install single-place armored turrets with 20-mm, 25-mmor 30-mm automatic guns on the APC. A variant of a firesupport vehicle armed with a 90-mm gun mounted in a two-place turret was developed.

4K 4FA

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