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M46-1M self-propelled howitzer

In 2016 Egypt showed off a new M46-1M self-propelled howitzer installed on a 6X6 modified Ural truck chassis. The M46-1M is a 130mm gun-howitzer installed on a Ural-4320-1911-30 armored chassis. The self-propelled gun is developed utilizing the 130mm towed howitzer M-46 or the Chinese copy Type 59-1. The new M46-1M self-propelled howitzer has range of more than 27 km. The gun system is mounted on a Russian Ural 66 wheeled vehicle to enhance gun mobility. It is intended for use by infantry, special operations forces and as artillery support for border security forces.

Egypt demonstrated the new self-propelled howitzer M46-1M, mounted on a modified Ural truck chassis with the wheel formula 6X6. The M46-1M 130-mm field gun-howitzer, based on the famous Soviet 130mm M-46 gun, is mounted on an armored Ural-4320-1911-30. The self-propelled guns can be used not only with Soviet 130-mm towed howitzer M-46, but its Chinese copy of the Type 59-1. The new self-propelled howitzer M46-1M has a maximum range of more than 27 km.

The artillery system is installed on the Russian off-road truck Ural 6x6, which increases the mobility tools designed for fire support of infantry, special operations forces, as well as for use as a fire support border security forces. Egypt developed two types of Ural-based SPG, namely, armed with Soviet 130mm M-46 (or its Chinese copy designated as Type 59-1) and with Soviet/Russian 122mm D-30A gun. The national Armed Forces designated the first type as M46-1M and the second one as D-30M.

Both types of SPGs use Russian Ural-4320-1911-30 heavy truck as the chassis. M-46-1M features the truck with cabin reportedly armoured at Level 2 NATO STANAG 4569 (all-round protection against 7.62mm steel-core armor-piercing bullet at 30 m distance), while D-30M is based on basic truck not equipped with integrated or applique armor plates. Ural-4320-1911-30 developed by JSC Ural has a transport lift capacity of 12,000 kg. The truck features YaMZ-238M2 (240 h.p.) diesel engine.

Plant No.172 (now the Motovilikha Plants company) developed the M-46 gun in the 1950s. It has a firing range of 27,490 m (organic high-explosive shell) and a maximum firing range of 37,000 m (rocket projectile), a muzzle velocity of 930 m/s and a combat weight of 7,700 kg. China was producing the gin under Type 59-1 designation. Over 5,000 M-46/Type 59-1 guns were produced in total. It still remains in service with national armed forces of Algeria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, People`s Republic of China, India, Iran, Syria, Sri Lanka and several other countries.

Plant No.9 (now a subsidiary of the Uralvagonzavod scientific-production corporation) developed the D-30A gun. It has a firing range of 15,300 m (organic high-explosive shell) and a maximum firing range of 22,000 m (rocket projectile), a muzzle velocity of 690 m/s and a combat weight of 3,200 kg. As of spring 2016, 3,600 D-30/D-30A gun were in service with national armed forces of 36 countries of the world. In 2013, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) decided to phase out D-30As as the guns lack firepower. All D-30A guns are supposed to be gradually replaced by modern 152mm self-propelled guns, being able to eliminate hostile personnel and engineer installations on the modern battlefield.

Both types of SPGs were revealed on May 3, 2016 during firing exercise of the Egyptian Armed Forces.

M-46 130mm 6x6 SPH M-46 130mm 6x6 SPH M-46 130mm 6x6 SPH

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