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DPRK Leadership

current as of 15 May 2015
Leadership Factions
Leadership Roster 2009
Leadership Roster 2010
Leadership Roster 2012

Purges - Kim Il-sung
Purges - Kim Jong Un

Korean Workers Party

[abolished 05 Sep 1998]
Kim, Il-sung
[died 08 Jul 1994]
Eternal Gen. Sec., Korean Workers' Party (KWP) KIM Jong Il
[died 17 Dec 2011,]
State Affairs Commission
National Defense Commission
First Sec., KWP KIM Jong Un
Eternal Chmn., National Defense Commission (NDC) KIM Jong Il
First Chmn., NDC KIM Jong Un
Supreme Cdr., Korean People's Army (KPA) KIM Jong Un
Vice Chmn., NDCHWANG Pyong So
Vice Chmn., NDCO Kuk Ryol
Vice Chmn., NDCRI Yong Mu
Member, NDCJO Chun Ryong
Member,NDCCHOE Pu Il
Member,NDCKIM Won Hong
Member, NDCKIM Chun Sop
Member,NDC RI Pyong Chol
Min. of People's Armed Forces (directly subordinate to the NDC) ..
Min. of People's Security (directly subordinate to the NDC) CHOE Pu Il
Min. of State Security (directly subordinate to the NDC)KIM Won Hong
Supreme People's Assembly (SPA)
Pres., Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) PresidiumKIM Yong Nam
Vice Pres., SPA Presidium KIM Yong Dae
Vice Pres., SPA PresidiumYANG Hyong Sop
Honorary Vice Pres., SPA PresidiumCHOE Yong Rim
Honorary Vice Pres., SPA PresidiumKIM Yong Ju
Sec. Gen., SPA PresidiumHONG Son Ok
Member, SPA PresidiumHYON Sang Ju
Member, SPA PresidiumJON Kyong Nam
Member, SPA PresidiumJON Yong Nam
Member, SPA PresidiumKANG Myong Chol
Member, SPA PresidiumKANG Su Rin
Member, SPA PresidiumKIM Jong Sun
Member, SPA PresidiumKIM Wan Su
Member, SPA PresidiumKIM Yang Gon
Member, SPA PresidiumRI Myong Gil
Member, SPA PresidiumRYU Mi Yong
Member, SPA PresidiumTHAE Jong Su
Chmn., SPACHOE Thae Bok
Vice Chmn., SPAAn Tong Chun
Vice Chmn., SPARI Hye Jong
Premier, CabinetPAK Pong Ju
VicePremier, CabinetCHOE Yong Gon
VicePremier, CabinetIM Chol Ung
VicePremier, CabinetKIM Tok Hun
VicePremier, CabinetKIM Yong Jin
VicePremier, CabinetRI Chol Man
VicePremier, CabinetRI Mu Yong
VicePremier, CabinetRO Tu Chol
Chief, Cabinet SecretariatKIM YongHo
Min. of AgricultureRI Chol Man
Min. of Atomic Energy& IndustryRI Je Son
Min. of Chemical IndustryRI Mu Yong
Min. of Coal IndustryMUN Myong Hak
Min. of CommerceKIM Kyong Nam
Min. of Common EducationKIM Sung Du
Min. of Construction & Building-Materials IndustriesTONG Jong Ho
Min. of CulturePAK Chun Nam
Min. of Electric Power IndustryKIM Man Su
Min. of Electronics IndustryKIM Jae Song
Min. of External Economic RelationsRI Ryong Nam
Min. of FinanceKI Kwang Ho
Min. of FisheriesKANG Yong Chol
Min. of Food & Consumer Goods IndustriesJO Yong Chol
Min. of Food Procurement & Admin.MUN UngJ o
Min. of Foreign AffairsRI Su Yong
Min. of ForestryHAN Ryong Guk
Min. of Higher EducationTHAE Hyong Chol
Min. of LaborJONG Yong Su
Min. of Land & Environment ProtectionKIM Kyong Jun
Min. of Land & Maritime TransportKANG Jong Gwan
Min. of Light IndustryCHOE Il Ryong
Min. of Machine-Building IndustryRI Jong Guk
Min. of Metallurgical IndustryKIM Yong Gwang
Min. of Mining IndustryRI Hak Chol
Min. of Oil IndustryPAE Hak
Min. of Physical Culture & SportsKIM YongHun
Min. of Post & TelecommunicationsSIM Chol Ho
Min. of Public HealthKANG Ha Guk
Min. of RailwaysJON Kil Su
Min. of State Construction ControlKWON Song Ho
Min. of State Natural Resources DevelopmentRI Chun Sam
Min. of Urban ManagementKANG Yong Su
Chmn., Capital City Construction CommissionKIM In Sik
Chmn., Education CommissionKIM Sung Du
Chmn., State Commission of Quality ManagementRI Chol Jin
Chmn., State InspectionCommission
Chmn., State Planning CommissionRO Tu Chol
Chmn., State Price CommissionRYANG Ui Gyong
Chmn., State Science &Technology CommissionCHOE Sang Gon
Dir., Central StatisticsBureau
Pres., State AcademyofSciencesJANG Chol
Pres., Kim Il Sung UniversityTHAE Hyong Chol
Pres., CentralBankKIM Chon Gyun
Permanent Representative to the UN, NewYorkJA Song Nam

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