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DPRK Leadership

current as of 22 Apr 2019
Leadership Factions
Leadership Roster 2009
Leadership Roster 2010
Leadership Roster 2012
Leadership Roster 2015
Leadership Lineup 2018

Purges - Kim Il-sung
Purges - Kim Jong Un

Korean Workers Party

[abolished 05 Sep 1998]
Kim, Il-sung
[died 08 Jul 1994]
Eternal Gen. Sec., Korean Workers' Party (KWP) KIM Jong Il
[died 17 Dec 2011,]
Chairman, KWP KIM Jong Un
State Affairs Commission
National Defense Commission
Eternal Chmn., National Defense Commission (NDC) KIM Jong Il
Chairman, State Affairs Commission (SAC) KIM Jong Un
Supreme Cdr., Korean People's Army (KPA) KIM Jong Un
First Vice Chmn., SACCHOE Ryong Hae
Vice Chmn., SACPAK Pong Ju
Member, SACCHOE Pu Il
Member, SAC CHOE Son Hui
Member, SAC JONG Kyong Thaek
Member, SAC KIM Jae Ryong
Member, SAC KIM Su Gil
Member, SAC KIM Yong Chol
Member, SAC NO Kwang Chol
Member, SAC RI Man Gon
Member, SAC RI Su Yong
Member, SAC RI Yong Ho
Member, SAC THAE Jong Su
Supreme Cdr., Korean People's Army (KPA) KIM Jong Un
Dir., KPA General Political Bureau KIM Su Gil
Chief, KPA General Staff Department RI Yong Gil
Supreme People's Assembly (SPA)
Pres., Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) Presidium CHOE Ryong Hae
Vice Pres., SPA Presidium KIM Yong Dae
Vice Pres., SPA Presidium THAE Hyong Chol
Honorary Vice Pres., SPA Presidium CHOE Yong Rim
Honorary Vice Pres., SPA Presidium KIM Yong Ju
Member, SPA Presidium JANG Chun Sil
Sec. Gen., SPA Presidium JONG Yong Guk
Member, SPA Presidium JU Yong Gil
Member, SPA Presidium KANG Ji Yong
Member, SPA Presidium KANG Myong Chol
Member, SPA Presidium KANG Su Rin
Member, SPA Presidium KIM Chang Yop
Member, SPA Presidium KIM Nung O
Member, SPA Presidium KIM Yong Chol
Member, SPA Presidium PAK Myong Chol
Member, SPA Presidium RI Chol
Member, SPA Presidium RI Myong Chol
Chmn., SPA CHOE Thae Bok
Vice Chmn., SPA AN Tong Chun
Vice Chmn., SPA RI Hye Jong
Premier, Cabinet KIM Jae Ryong
Vice Premier, Cabinet IM Chol Ung
Vice Premier, Cabinet JON Kwang Ho
Vice Premier, Cabinet KIM Tok Hun
Vice Premier, Cabinet KO In Ho
Vice Premier, Cabinet RI Ju O
Vice Premier, Cabinet RI Ryong Nam
Vice Premier, Cabinet RO Tu Chol
Vice Premier, Cabinet TONG Jong Ho
Sec. Gen., Cabinet Secretariat KIM Yong Ho
Min. of Agriculture KO In Ho
Min. of Chemical Industry JANG Kil Ryong
Min. of Coal Industry MUN Myong Hak
Min. of Commerce KIM Kyong Nam
Min. of Construction & Building-Materials Industry PAK Hun
Min. of Consumer Goods Industry RI Kang Son
Min. of Culture PAK Chun Nam
Min. of Electric Power Industry KIM Man Su
Min. of Electronics Industry KIM Jae Song
Min. of External Economic Relations KIM Yong Jae
Min. of Fisheries SONG Chun Sop
Min. of Food Procurement & Admin. MUN Ung Jo
Min. of Foreign Affairs RI Yong Ho
Min. of Forestry HAN Ryong Guk
Pres. of Kim Il Sung University,
Chmn. of the University's Party Guidance Committee, &
Min. of Higher Education
CHOE Sang Gon
Min. of Labor YUN Kang Ho
Min. of Land & Environmental Protection & and
Dir. of the State Affairs Commission
Forestry Policy Supervisory Bureau
KIM Kyong Jun
Min. of Light Industry CHOE Il Ryong
Min. of Local Industry JO Yong Chol
Min. of Machine-Building Industry YANG Sung Ho
Min. of Metallurgical Industry KIM Chung Gol
Min. of National Natural Resources Development KIM Chol Su
Min. of Nuclear Power Industry WANG Chang Uk
Min. of Oil Industry KO Kil Son
Min. of Finance KI Kwang Ho
Min. of People's Armed Forces NO Kwang Chol
Min. of People's Security (under Kim Jong Un's direct control) CHOE Pu Il
Min. of Physical Culture & Sports KIM Il Guk
Min. of Shipbuilding KANG Chol Gu
Min. of State Security (under Kim Jong Un's direct control) JONG Kyong Thaek
Min. of Land & Maritime Transport KANG Jong Gwan
Chmn., Education Commission KIM Sung Du
Min. of Mining Industry RYOM Chol Su
Chmn., State Price Commission RYANG Ui Gyong
Chmn., State Science & Technology Commission RI Chung Gil
Min. of Post & Telecommunications KIM Kwang Chol
Dir., Central Statistics Bureau CHOE Sung Ho
Min. of Public Health O Chun Bok
Pres., State Academy of Sciences JANG Chol
Min. of Railways JANG Hyok
Min. of State Construction Control KWON Song Ho
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York KIM Song
Min. of Urban Management KANG Yong Su
Chmn., State Planning Commission RO Tu Chol
Pres., Central Bank KIM Chon Gyun

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