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Haeju Naval Base

The port of Haeju is strategically significant as the nearest port to the Demarcation Line on the west coast. It also serves as a fishing center for western North Korea.

The Haeju Naval Base and Ship Repair Yard contains landing facilities, supply, barracks, administrative, and shipyard components. In 1970, the Ship Repair Yard consisted of 2 marine railway with a capacity estimated at 70 tons, one of which was connected with 2 transversing areas.

The port is a natural harbor on the NE part of Haeju-man, a large bay on the west coast about 25 miles north of the Demarcation Line. The harbor covers approximately 950 acres and depths range from 18 to 70 feet. Controlling depth in the fairway is 13 1/2 feet. Shelter is fair.

Deep anchorages of 30-46 feet are available in the bay, approximately 8 miles to the southeast. 1400 ft of principal wharfage, 400 ft. being principally for naval use, provide at least 9 berths of varying sizes. Also, a small pier is located at an army post to the NE of the main port.

Facilities include at least 80,000 sq. ft. of covered storage areas. A road connects the port with the national road network, and a single-track, standard-gage rail line connects Haeju to the national rail system.

Several small shipyards in Haeju produce and repair fishing vessels. The also conduct, as a secondary task, construction and repair of agent infiltration boats.

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