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Military region of Sancti Spíritus

The General Staff is located five kilometers from the center of the city. Before 1959, it was a resting estate of the Mendigutia family. With the triumph of the Revolution, it was intervened and a rehabilitation school for minors was located. With the creation of military units in the province, the division of Sancti Spíritus was formed, whose headquarters was located in this place.

In 1982 the Provincial Military Committee was transferred to these facilities. Three years later the Provincial General Staff was founded and on June 5 it received a visit from the Minister of the FAR to declare the EMCC, the first of its kind to comply with the 30 aspects. On July 21, 1986, the Minister of the FAR attended an exercise in the Escambray Mountains and participated in the foundation of the EPPD. This year the province deserved the condition of List for the Defense in the First Stage.

The First Asset of the Party took place in February 1990. This favored the creation of the Political Section and several grassroots committees of the UJC. Five years later, the Provincial Staff was the most outstanding of the Central Army and the best in the country in the work of the National Union of Civil Workers of the FAR.

The following year, in January, the main square in the province began the year of preparation for the defense and the Military Council of the Army is held, which is attended by the Minister of the FAR. In the act is delivered to the Provincial Staff the Replica of the Machete of Major General Serafin Sanchez Valdivia, according to agreement of the Provincial Committee of the PCC.

Since July 1999, the General Staff of the Military Region has been located in this place.

The Bastion strategic exercise was executed, a task of greater weight in the year. The first of August of 2006 begins the Operation Caguairán in its initial stage. Five days later, an army commission arrives headed by army general Joaquin Quinta Solás, to visit units of the MRI. He spoke to the mobilized explaining why the situation created nationally and internationally. In mid-December, the first stage of Caguairán was concluded. Thousands of reservists and militiamen were prepared. In the second stage, the operation has continued to develop successfully in the Military Region.

In 2009, the province hosted the main activities for the 48th anniversary of the Central Army.

At the end of 1984, by decision of the Minfar began to form the templates of what would be the municipal staff and the Provincial Staff. The military committees, the Civil Defense and the MTT of the territory were also unified. On July 24, 1985, the Provincial General Staff was constituted in a solemn act. The headquarters was composed of:

  • Chief EMP: Corr Pedro Nodal Loyola.
  • 1st Substitute Chief EMP: cor r Julio Cárdenas Ramírez
  • Chief Provincial Military Committee: tte. cor Alfredo López García
  • Chief of Operations: tte. colonel. Eddy Tornett Montero.

In 1999, as part of the improvement of the FAR, a new structure was adopted, the military region of Ciego de Ávila was formed and the 10 municipal general states were transformed into military sectors. The new Military Region was officially constituted on the first of July of that year. His first leadership was integrated by:

  • Chief RM: Colonel Eliécer Pérez Sánchez
  • Chief EM RM: Colonel Rolando Paz Felipe
  • Chief of Operations: Major Enrique Hernández Marrero
  • Chief Political Section: Major Fidel George Pérez
  • Chief CMP: Major Mario Martínez Noa.

The main leaders in the history of the military region have been:

  • Chief EMP: Cor Pedro Nodal Loyola.
  • Chief EMP: Cor José Ricardo Fernández.
  • Chief RM: Colonel Eliécer Pérez Sánchez.
  • Chief RM: Gral. Brig. Omar Rodríguez Betancourt.
  • Chief RM: Gral. Brig. Agustín Peña Porres.

Since its foundation, the Military Region, has worked to overcome results, mainly in the combative disposition and defense, in the combative preparation and in the improvement of the living conditions of the troops. In December of that year, a control of Minfar was received. Satisfactory results were obtained, thanks to the work developed in the organization of the new structures. The region has participated prominently in the 2004 Bastion and Moncada 2007 exercises; in the first and second stages of Operation Caguairán; in the recovery of hydrometeorological phenomena, and in other activities. This demonstrates the response capacity of officers, combatants and civilian workers, united to the Party and the people.

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