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Western Army / Ejercito Occidental

The army is the territorial grouping of forces and means of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, which concerns the main role in carrying out the armed struggle and responds from a time of peace, for the preparation for the defense of the assigned territory. For the fulfillment of its functions, it is integrated by the management bodies of the leadership, the military regions and military units, other institutions and entities.

  • Directs the command and management bodies, the troops, institutions, subordinate entities, extending their competence to other military formations in regard to their organization, armament and ammunition, the preparation of personnel and their use with military force in the army territory.
  • Proposes, establishes and controls, within the framework of its competence, compliance with the laws and provisions related to the preparation for the defense of its territory, as well as controls compliance with the rules of life and activity of the troops, command and management bodies, their subordinate military institutions and entities.
  • Directs the preparation and putting in complete combative disposition of the territory.
  • Exercises control and informs about the state of the economic, military, political moral, scientific, technical and human potentials that guarantee the defensive capacity and the combative disposition of the forces in the territory.
  • Direct the political work with the permanent staff and the reserve, and educate them in the revolutionary values and in the strict fulfillment of duty. Coordinates with the provincial committees of the Party, the disclosure of the image of the defense in the mass media, in accordance with the established policy.

After the victory of Girón, it is necessary to perfect the defensive structure of the nation. For this reason, the Commander in Chief orders the creation of the Western Army, founded on June 14, 1961. To direct it, the then Commander and today Commander of the Revolution, Guillermo García Frías, is appointed. Its military structures develop an organic improvement that culminated with the appointment of the Western Army on December 18, 1973.

Military Regions
  • Western Military Region
  • Military Region East
  • Military Region of the City of Havana
  • Military Region of Pinar de Río
  • Special Military Sector Isla de la Juventud
During this period of work, multiple tasks have been carried out by this command, where demonstrations of the combat technique and the combative disposition have been carried out with exercises, practices and maneuvers that guarantee the preparation of the combatants. Likewise, compliance with military discipline, the main political task of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, constitutes a line of work in this command. A group of political, sporting and cultural activities, already traditional, aimed at the recreation of combatants and the elevation of their cultural heritage contribute to this end. Complements the above, the concern for living and working conditions that allow the fulfillment of duty with greater quality and responsibility. In this sense, exchanges of experiences take place.

Throughout the combat history of the Western Army, internationalist missions have been carried out in Algeria, Syria, Angola, Ethiopia and Nicaragua in pursuit of their total liberation. Examples of great men who have fallen in the honorable fulfillment of this duty are the companions Juan Vitalio Acuna Nuñez (Vilo), Antonio Sanchez Diaz, Gustavo Machin, the first lieutenant Israel Reyes Diaz, among others. The people of Cuba, as part of this army, participate in the preparation for the defense, with significant results in maneuvers and exercises.

After the Proclamation of the Commander in Chief, on July 31, 2006, by decision of the leadership of the Party and the leadership of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, it was decided to move to higher levels of combative disposition of the FAR. Thousands of reservists fulfilled My Guard for the Fatherland, in Operation Caguairán. The then Minister of the FAR, Army General Raul Castro Ruz, described this Operation as a gigantic task, and stated: "Never before, except in the moments of Playa Girón and the October Crisis, had Cuba undertaken within its territory national a process of mobilization of the permanent troops, their reserves and Territorial Troops Militias, of such importance ".

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