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ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicle

ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicles belonging to the Chinese 05 series of high-speed amphibious assault vehicles. It is a new-made amphibious armored assault vehicles, among the world's first high-speed water skiing amphibious combat vehicle. Its water travel speed and firepower are the strongest of similar equipment. It is similar to the US-made AAAV which never made it out of development.

ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicles full weight 26 tons, crew of 3 persons, equipped with low recoil 105mm tank gun, using the pre-bias light armored vehicles generic structure and layout engine compartment, the engine power up to 1,103 kilowatts, a dual power propulsion system and retractable crawler systems, water speed up to 30-40 km / hour.

ZLT-05 features a body front end with retractable folding spurnwater. The ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicles spurnwater has a folded cover, forming a sharp wedge-shaped structure, which is to optimize the vehicle from a landing craft during launching into the water. To enhance the vehicle into the water stability, the relatively large car buoyancy can sustain the initial low-speed vehicle navigational state. This device can offset some of the flow disturbance and resistance on the body, enhance vehicle speed when maneuvering in the water. Amphibious use water jet propulsion system propulsion, with the spurnwater open, can reacht nearly 20 knots, twice as fast as other current amphibious vehicles.

The ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicles equipped with advanced 105mm low recoil tank gun, capable of firing armor-piercing, high-explosive and high-explosive anti-tank shells and other species, but also capable of firing artillery antitank missiles. The tank gun is of the same caliber as 63A amphibious tank artillery. The Army 105 mm artillery and tank gun compared to that by increasing muzzle brake, improved recoil system reduces gun recoil, making light amphibious assault vehicle capable of carrying and launching in the water. China's 105 mm tank gun introduced from the West since the 1980s, since, after 20 years of digestion and absorption, performance has reached a very high level in recent years, newly developed projectile core 30:1 aspect ratio close to the new APDS 2000 m vertical penetration depth from the level reached 500 mm, enough to sweep M60A3 and M48H tanks.

ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicle specific technical details have not been disclosed, identified only by appearance commence speculation. ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicles installed with turret shape is very similar03P/63A amphibious tank, it is estimated 03P improved land and water tanks. 03P 63A amphibious tank is digitized improved amphibious tanks, the use of new digital radio stations, the installation of a navigation and positioning systems, data communications systems, and the use of communication technologies all-electric gun control, gun control system that is used in all electrical components, canceled the structure is complex, difficult to control hydraulic components (such as hydraulic power cylinders, hydraulic amplifier, etc.), so that the stability of artillery higher accuracy, better reliability, more responsive, and the entire system is small and light weight.

Estimated ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicles will adopt these technologies. 03P amphibious tank fire control system still uses the second generation 63A amphibious tanks spot injection fire control system. The system consists of one measure aiming dot sight fitted sheet style, digital ballistic computer, trunnion tilt sensor and horizontal angular velocity sensors and other components. This type of fire control system is easy to operate, mature technology, with static for static, static on the moving target shooting and night shooting ability, but do not have the ability to move on the dynamic shooting. The ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicle turret mounted on the obvious car long weekends endoscopy, estimates should be used with 96A ISFCS-212 under the same anti-stabilization-type fire control system, which will enable ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicle with a comprehensive second-generation tank capacity ahead of the competition.

ZLT-05 amphibious assault vehicles compiled in the first wave of landing operation, first rushed probe destroy enemy armored force and firepower. Into the establishment of its equipment so that our army corps to handle unexpected emergencies crossing and landing amphibious combat capability has undergone a qualitative leap.

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