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Z-20 10-ton Helicopter - Copyhawk

Judging from pictures, the Z-20 is similar to the US produced Black Hawk, which can lift an entire 11-man fully-equipped infantry squad in most weather conditions. The People's Liberation Army has been using small numbers of American-built Black Hawks for nearly 30 years, indeed, it appears to be a Blackhawk with Chinese characteristics - some called it "Copyhawk". The line art labelled "Z-20" is a Blackhawk, and there are several visible differences between the line art and the photograph.

From the perspective of appearance, the Z-20 general tactical helicopter is similar to the American-made "Black Hawk" S-70C-2 helicopter imported from China - a red black hawk. But the Z-20 is different from the "Black Hawk", the Z-20 main rotor adopts a five-blade structure, which has more controllability and maneuverability. In addition, the Z-20 has a more obvious transition structure at the junction of the fuselage and the tail beam. It is assumed that the transportation performance of the cabin is similar. The Z-20 uses a low-drag aerodynamic shape, and the width and height of the cargo hold are larger than those of the "Black Eagle", but the size of the tail beam is smaller. And "Black Hawk" is a three-piece windshield structure. Just like the overall bearing windshield of the Yun-20, the Z-20 windshield is lighter and stronger.

And the tail rotor does not adopt the tail blade design of the "Black Hawk" inclined to the left by 20 degrees. Instead, a non-cross-crank structure tail rotor is used, which is also used on new helicopters such as Apache to reduce noise. Some analysts said that the current straight-20 prototype may be equipped with the stock Pratt & Whitney PT6C turboshaft engine. In the future, it will use a new domestically produced turboshaft-16 engine with greater power, which has been successfully commissioned. With the improvement of China's precision machining capabilities and the dual impetus of China-based and international cooperation, the level of China's turboshaft engines has been rapidly improved.

The Z-20 fuselage is also slightly more square than the Black Hawk. The Z-20 also has a larger cabin and a different landing gear and tail than the UH-60, Chen added. Wang speculated that the helicopter can carry about 1.5 tons of cargo internally and up to 5 tons of cargo externally in a sling, enabling China to launch low-altitude, airborne assaults by task forces. He also said the helicopter's designers used several cutting-edge technologies on the helicopter to reduce its noise, thus improving the stealth capability.

In other details, the Zhi-20 is also full of its own characteristics, condensing a lot of wisdom. For example, the rear tail wheel is wrapped by a lightweight fairing, which reduces aerodynamic resistance, and also helps slightly to heading stability, indirectly reducing the size of the vertical tail and further reducing weight.

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