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Type 067 Yunnan class Landing Craft Medium

The Yunnan class Landing Craft Medium was first built in 1964 and continued until 1972. The Yunan-class (type 067) small multi-functional landing craft, designed in 1962, is mainly used for amphibious assault and transport of vehicles, troops and cargo on rivers and coasts without ports. In 1964, the first boat was launched. By the 1970s, it was estimated that a total of 280 ships were built, which became the backbone of the amphibious forces of the PLA. By around 2010,, most of them have been retired, and only about 30 to 40 ships were still in service.

The mechanized landing craft, also known as the Mechanized Force Landing Craft, is a medium-sized landing craft that transports the Army's mechanized equipment. It is mainly used on transport ships such as armed and amphibious docks for landing tools that are transferred by ship to shore. Mechanized landing craft typically have a full displacement of 50 to 200 tons and can carry 1 or 2 tanks or 20 to 100 tons of heavy materials. For example, the LCM8 mechanized landing craft in the United States is divided into steel and aluminum. The full-load displacement is 115 tons and 105 tons respectively, the speed is 9 knots, and the endurance is 150 nautical miles. Carrying 1 heavy tank , or 60 tons of materials, or 200 landing soldiers and their weapons and equipment.

Propulsion 2 diesels; 600 total hp
Length 28.6 meters
Beam 5.4 m
Draft 1.4 meters
Displacement 128 tons
Speed 12 knots
Crew 10
  • 4 x dual 14.5mm machine guns
  • Capacity
  • 1 tank or 2 vehicles, or 46 tons of cargo
  • Type 067 Yunnan-class Landing Craft, Medium Type 067 Yunnan-class Landing Craft, Medium Type 067 Yunnan-class Landing Craft, Medium

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