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Yuchin/Yuchai-class Landing Craft, Mechanized [LCM]

The Yuchin/Yuchai-class Landing Craft, Mechanized [LCM] is based on the Russian T-4 design. There were built in large numbers beginning in the 1960's. The first ten units were transferred from Russia, while the remaining units of this class were built in China. Some of these craft are used as service transports rather than landing craft, as indicated by a "Y" in front of the pennant number. This landing craft is fitted with a bow ramp to permit loading and unloading of medium tanks. The tank deck measures 31 ft 2 in (9.5 m) by 12 ft 8 in (3.9 m). Can carry 50 tons of cargo. It has a small deckhouse aft with an open bridge and short pole mast. Two twin 14.5mm machine gun mounts are fitted forward of the bridge.

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