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Y-YY Medium Transport Aircraft

The always fantastic China Military Aviation site reported that "The next generation of medium transport aircraft was believed to be under development at XAC/603 Institute ... powered by two modified WS-10 turbofans. Its max payload is around 25t." Given the strong pattern of cooperation between China and Brazil, it might have been expected that this aircraft would have some resemblance to the Brazilian KC-390, but it does not. While both share common features, such as a high wing mounting a pair of engines and a high T-tail, the Brazilian KC-390 has a far more muscular appearance, with a hump-back fuselange to provide wing spar passage over the cargo compartment, and bulging landing gear pods. The model of the Chinese transport is rather more graceful, and has a row of passenger windows along the fuselage.

In August 2016 representatives of the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise discussed the possibility of expanding cooperation on the project for construction of the An-178 transport aircraft with the China Airspace company AVIC. The CFTS portal reported this, citing the Liga Biznes publication. According to Antonovs President Oleksandr Kotsuba, "they (the Chinese) simultaneously with the An-225 project have pledged to advance money for production of the An-178. It will run parallel to the project. This is a large transport corporation, and they need such aircraft for use in their transport hubs." He was speaking about the memorandum on production of 25 An-178 plans that was signed last year. As the CFTS earlier reported, a plan for cooperation between Ukraine and China under the An-178 program is stipulated in the protocol of intent that was signed by the Chinese Beijing A-Star Aerospace Technology Co. and the Antonov state aircraft manufacturing enterprise during a ceremony commemorating the maiden flight of the An-178 in Kyiv on 7 May 2015.

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