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Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW

The early warning aircraft is known as the "Eye of the Air Force" and has an extremely important role in modern warfare. It is reported that China is very likely to develop a new type of air police-3000 early warning aircraft based on the Y-20 large transport aircraft. This land-based early warning aircraft will become "the largest and most powerful early warning aircraft of the Chinese Air Force."

China s currently equipped Air Police 2000 early warning aircraft is based on the Il 76 transport aircraft and has been discontinued due to supply reasons. It is undoubtedly good news to develop a new generation of large early warning aircraft with Yun 20. According to the CG graphic, China Yun 20 has been replaced with a domestic engine, and mass production has begun, and more than five hadbeen produced since the end of 2018. After the domestic engine is replaced, the Yun-20 can further expand its output, and is fully capable of supplying special military aircraft for modification while meeting the Air Force's strategic transportation.

According to a report published in Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" on 18 February 2019, the China Air Police-3000 land-based early warning aircraft will have anti-stealth performance, improve detection capabilities for stealth fighters, cruise missiles and other targets, and become an air command coordination center.

It is reported that with the continuous development of electronic technology, the early warning aircraft has gradually become an air command and guidance center, and has become an air force combat multiplier under the conditions of informationization. It is indispensable in both offensive and defensive aspects: on the one hand, it is to defend against enemy cruise missiles and fighter aircraft attacks. "Sentinel", on the other hand, can guide their fighters and ships to implement combat strikes, improving attack accuracy and efficiency. According to Russian "Foreign Military Review" previously reported, China is developing the Air Police-3000 land-based early warning aircraft and Air Police-600 shipborne early warning aircraft, drawing on the design schemes of the US E-3 and E-2D early warning aircraft, respectively.

Among them, Air Police- 3000 may use the Y-20 heavy military transport aircraft as a modified platform. It will become China's largest early-warning aircraft model in the future, and will surpass the three active early-warning aircrafts in terms of detection performance, range, and information level.

According to reports, Airborne-3000 will use an active phased array radar's long-range radar alerting and control system, which can perform circumferential scanning with a maximum detection distance of not less than 500 kilometers. A series of tactical and technical performance of airborne electronic equipment will be further improved. Analysis points out that Air Police- 3000 can find aircraft using stealth technology, including the US F-22 and F-35 multipurpose fighters. In appearance, Air Police-3000 may abandon the "big disc" radar fairing and change to multiple common radars.

Hong Kong media said that the China-made large-scale strategic transport aircraft Y-20 was officially commissioned in July 2016. Because of its open architecture, the aircraft has a strong potential for retrofitting and can be equipped with special support aircraft such as early warning aircraft and tankers. platform. Therefore, some analysts believe that the Yun-20 will replace the Il-76 as the platform of choice for a new generation of large-scale early warning aircraft.

The article points out that the development of Air Police-3000 and Air Police-600 will enrich China s early-warning aircraft family, so that China s airpower will obtain more air-warning platforms with long detection distances, strong low-altitude detection capabilities, and large mobile ranges, forming a large-scale The full lineage of early warning aircraft complemented by early warning aircraft, medium-sized early warning aircraft, early warning helicopters, and unmanned early warning aircraft.

The outside world generally regards the Air Police-1 developed in the 1960s as China's first generation of early warning aircraft. The Air Police -200 and Air Police -2000 in the 21st century are the second generation, while the Air Police -500 is the third generation. At present, Air Police-200, Air Police-2000, and Air Police-500 constitute the main lineup of the PLA's active duty early warning aircraft, especially the latter two as the main force.

By comparison, the Air Police-2000 developed on the basis of the Russian-made Il-76 is the largest, and the Air Police-500 is based on a Chinese-made Yun-9 as a modified platform. Although it is relatively small, it uses a more advanced digital array radar. , And achieved national production.

In 2017, the deployment of the Air Police-500 in Hainan, coupled with the ground radar stations in some islands and reefs in the South China Sea, has basically established a complete air condition detection and alert network in the South China Sea airspace, strengthening China's control over the situation in the South China Sea. In addition, China also developed and delivered the ZDK-03 medium-sized early warning aircraft for the Pakistan Air Force.

China may no longer need radars with early warning aircraft on the back of the aircraft, but instead needs Gulfstream similar to Singapore Air Force equipment. G550 early warning aircraft, this conformal airborne early warning platform, is the standard for the new generation of large-scale early warning aircraft of the Chinese Air Force.

Academician Wang Xiaomo, the father of China's early warning aircraft, also said that China's next generation of early warning aircraft will use conformal antennas. It is reported that with the development of electronic technology, the trend of integration of early warning aircraft is becoming more and more obvious. The first is reflected in the integration of the fuselage and the antenna. The conformal antenna is used to make the antenna conform to the shape of the fuselage surface, which can minimize the impact on the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft after installing the antenna, and at the same time, it can more fully use the space on the fuselage surface to increase the antenna area.

The Air Police 3000 developed on the basis of the Yun 20 transport aircraft uses S-band radars at the nose and nose, and L-band radars at both sides of the fuselage to provide comprehensive coverage, increase electronic support and adjustment equipment, and increase satellite communications and line-of-sight. Link and other equipment, under this design, the Air Police 3000 is different from other early warning aircraft already in service in China, and its comprehensive technology has been upgraded by more than one generation.

Some media believe that China's next-generation early warning aircraft is likely to be developed at the same time as the Yun-20 transport model, which has realized radio frequency integration. At present, the development of broadband technology in China breaks through the limitation of the performance of traditional antennas that are limited by the operating wavelength, so that the same antenna can work in a very wide wavelength range. Electronic systems that need to work in different bands such as radar, communication or reconnaissance can Works through an antenna.

Finally, the processing system of Air Police 3000 was integrated. There are servers, workstations, and computers that serve various systems (such as radar, communications, and reconnaissance) on the early warning aircraft. With the advancement of computer technology, in the future, on the early-warning machine, the powerful integrated core processor can integrate the functions of the previous mission computer, weapon control computer, signal processor and other computers that control their respective devices.

It is reported that another important idea for the integration of the Air Police-3000 early warning aircraft is to combine ground reconnaissance and air warning. The US military's approach is to combine E-8 and E-3 to form E-10 "multi-sensor command and control" Airplane, but failed to equip it after more than 10 years. It is no longer technically difficult to realize this kind of thinking. China Air Police-3000 will likely become the world's first early-warning machine to implement this function. In this way, it will be a complete excitement for Chinese military fans.

Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW

Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW Yun 20 KJ-3000 AEW

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