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The Xian Aircraft Corporation, which developed the Y-20, has offered an alternative to the Shaanxi Y-30 in the form of the Y-19. The main difference, by one account, is that the Y-19 would be powered by two turbofans and not turboprops as in the Y-9 and Y-30.

The situation with the "Y-19" is confused by the Chinese practice of re-using aircraft designators until an aircraft with that designation actually enters service.

The 2010 Report To Congress of The U.S.-China Economic And Security Review Commission states that: "China has made little progress in modernizing its air transport fleet since its last effort in the early 1990s when it bought 18 Russian-made IL-76s. China currently is designing a 200-ton transport aircraft, which, when completed, is to be comparable to the U.S. Air Force C-130." [page 78] The source of this intelligence is unclear, since the open sources cited make no reference to such an airplane. The maximum takeoff weight of the latest C-130J is 87 tons, so a 200-ton aircraft would be in a completely different performance class.

The existence of a "Y-19" transport aircraft project is very poorly attested. According to one early source, the WJ10 turboprop was a study for local development of a 5000 kilowatt engine, for volume production by 2014 for the Y19 transport "30 Ton" series. But this may just have been a typographic mistake for the well-attested Y-9, of quite similar characteristics.

A substantial redesign of the Shaanxi Y-8 (Chinese copy of the An-12 Cub), with a payload of 30 tons, was initially revealed with provisional specifications in model form to the public at the November 2002 Zhuhai Air Show under the name of Y-8X, later re-designated Y-9. With a maximum total weight of 81 tons, the aircraft will be powered by 4 WJ-6C turboprops (rated @ 5,100ehp each) with JL-4 6-blade propellers made of composite materials, which improve its high temperature and high altitude performance.

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