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Xiangyanghong 28 II

On November 12, 2014, the "Xiangyanghong 28" scientific research ship was officially delivered. The total length of the "Xiangyanghong 28" scientific research vessel is 74.55 meters, the width is 10 meters, the maximum draft is 3.5 meters, the full displacement is 1216.7 tons, the endurance is 4000 nautical miles, and the maximum speed is 16 knots.

The "Xiangyanghong 28" nomenclatures is ambiguous, since the first Xiangyanghong 28 was the single unit of the Type 814 Dadie near-sea reconnaissance ship.

Its predecessor was a 1,000-ton sea-going survey ship with 32 years of service. It began formal maintenance and renovation work in June 2014. In the process of maintenance and renovation, the original pre-demolition work volume far exceeded expectations, and with the development of the project, more and more hidden problems surfaced, further increasing the difficulty and engineering quantity of ship reconstruction. In the face of numerous problems, engineers faced difficulties and ensured the smooth completion of each node through rigorous and meticulous work. Finally, this modern marine survey vessel with comprehensive safety performance, comprehensive improvement of ship work and living environment, and advanced scientific research equipment for ship scientific research was completed.

The repaired and modified "Xiangyanghong 28" has become a veritable advanced comprehensive marine survey vessel. Due to the vast sea area of the East China Sea, the terrain is complex and the water depth varies greatly. According to the characteristics of the terrain, the maintenance personnel specially installed the medium-deep water multi-beam sounding system and the single-beam 10,000-meter depth sounder to the "Xiangyanghong 28". In order to adapt to the shallow sea area measurement, the special sea-going well is installed. The movable bracket in the well can be installed as needed. The shallow water multi-beam, the configuration of these sounding equipment, enables the "Xiangyanghong 28" ship to have the ability to independently measure the water from the medium to deep water to the shallow waters.

At the same time, "Xiangyanghong 28" is equipped with the most advanced automatic water sampling and distribution system in China at the bottom and upper deck. The bottom and upper decks are equipped with ADCP flow measurement system and meteorological observation system respectively. Meteorological status; the ship is equipped with a variety of professional winches, as long as the corresponding equipment is installed, geophysical survey, magnetic detection, biological investigation, water sampling, ocean current observation and geological survey can be carried out; for the analysis and processing of survey samples as soon as possible, on board There are also biological, chemical, geological and hydrological laboratories that can conduct on-site testing and analysis of a variety of marine environmental survey projects.

The commissioning of the "Xiangyanghong 28" scientific research vessel marked a significant progress in the formation of the marine survey and survey fleet in China, filling the blank history of the marine survey in the middle and offshore seas of the East China Sea, effectively improving the East China Sea region. And comprehensive survey capabilities in the offshore.

Ship nameXiangyanghong 28
Affiliation unitState Oceanic Administration East China Sea Branch
Built time1982
Types ofOffshore comprehensive survey ship
The main parameters
Total length (m)74.55
Type width (m)10
Draught (m)3.5
Displacement ( t )1,317
Speed (kn)16
Endurance (nm)4000
Scientific test staff (person)25

Xiang Yang Hong 28 II Xiang Yang Hong 28 II

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