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Xiang Yang Hong 20 comprehensive ocean-going survey ship

New China's first generation of comprehensive ocean-going survey ship "Practice" [XINSHIJIAN, no number], with a total length of 94.73 meters, a width of 14 meters, a depth of 7.2 meters, a full-load displacement of 3,292 tons, an endurance of 8,000 nautical miles, a maximum speed of 16 knots, and a dual-machine, dual-powered ship propellers, double rudders, flexible maneuvering, advanced and reliable communication and navigation, and greatly improved comfort of living facilities.

Chinese Shanghai Shipyard Hutung built hydrographic survey ship Shijian according to a CIA report dated November 1969 covering the Chinese Shanghai Shipyard Hutung of the hydrographic survey ship Shijian. Fitted out with 2x4.000bhp/200rpm diesels. Later as the Xin Shi Jian operated by the East China Sea Branch S.O.A., Shanghai, China. Active in the East China Sea. Dimensions 94,73 x 14,00 x 5 meters, deadweight 1,478 tons and gross tonnage of 2.576-2.955 tons.

China-flagged, IMO 8326723, MMSI 412920000 and call sign BNRC. By AIS called Xiang Yang Hong 20. Reported as XIANG YANG HONG 20 China 02 Feb 2016 12 Sep 2019; XINSHIJIAN China 28 May 2014 21 Dec 2015; HAIJING 2252 China 27 Apr 2014 28 May 2014; HAIJIAN 52 China 30 Oct 2009 05 Dec 2012. The history of former names is compiled automatically from AIS signals and gives insight into vessel owner changes, charter name changes and reflaggings.

The China Ocean Scientific Research Ship Xiangyanghong 20 on the 19 April 2018 for two consecutive days, approaching the Sino-Japanese sovereignty disputed Diaoyu Islands waters, was blocked by the Japanese patrol boat. The Japanese media quoted the Maritime Security Agency as saying that Xiangyanghong 20 conducted marine scientific research operations in the Diaoyu Islands and its adjacent waters, not notified to the Japanese side, and carried equipment suspected of cables.

According to Japans 11th District Naha Maritime Security Headquarters, Xiangyanghong started operations on the sea near Diaoyu Island, during which time the Japanese side issued a warning requesting the Chinese scientific research vessel to stop the related operations; Xiangyanghong 20 Rebutted, stressed that "this sea area is China's exclusive economic zone." The Japanese side also pointed out that on the morning of the 20th, Xiangyanghong 20 entered the Japan Exclusive Economic Zone about 151 kilometers north-northeast of Chiwei Island. The Japanese side also confirmed that Xiangyanghong 20 will also carry out cable-like equipment into the sea for scientific investigation activities.

Japans 11th District Naha Maritime Security Headquarters said that on the 19th, the Japanese side issued a "warning" to the Chinese "Xiangyanghong 20" scientific research vessel, claiming that it would not enter the "Japan Exclusive Economic Zone" without permission, and requested the Chinese scientific research vessel to stop related activities. . "Xiangyanghong 20" refuted this "the sea area is China's exclusive economic zone."

The Chinese Ocean Scientific Research Ship conducted marine scientific research operations in the Diaoyu Islands and its adjacent waters, and is often unreasonably obstructed and warned by the Japanese side. In this regard, the Chinese government has repeatedly stated its position. The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly reiterated that the Chinese governments position on the Diaoyu Islands issue is consistent and clear. Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have been China's inherent territory since ancient times, and China has indisputable sovereignty over this. The Chinese ships normal marine examination in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands is to exercise the legitimate sovereign rights of the Chinese side.

Because the Diaoyu Islands is claimed as China's territory and their sea areas are China's seas, it is reasonable and legal for Chinese scientific research vessels to conduct scientific investigations in their own sea areas. The Japanese side tried to prevent ocean inspection work, and exhausted its efforts. It dispatched several warships and surrounded the "Xiangyanghong 20" group in an attempt to prevent its scientific research jobs. Under the pressure of a Chinese marine police ship, the Japanese warship had to stop the harassment of the "Xiangyanghong 20" and left the sea. With the help of the Marine Police ship, the "Xiangyanghong 20" continued its scientific investigation.">CHINESE COMMUNIST MERCHANT VESSEL CONSTRUCTION PROGRAM

Xiang Yang Hong 20 Xiang Yang Hong 20 Xiang Yang Hong 20 Xiang Yang Hong 20 Xiang Yang Hong 20 Xiang Yang Hong 20

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