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WZ522 wheeled armored transport vehicle

The purpose of the development of the 522 wheeled armored transport vehicle is mainly suitable for the transportation of mechanized troops and the supply of logistic materials. And it has the potential to be transformed into ambulances, communication vehicles, and reconnaissance vehicles, forming a complete car family. Reference was made to the technical and tactical requirements of the BTR60\70 series wheeled armored vehicles equipped by the Soviet Red Army in the same period.

In February 1970, the General Department of Armored Forces, together with the Fifth Machinery Department and some supporting research institutions, held a meeting on the implementation of the "five new" model development tasks in Beijing. This meeting redefined the central idea of wheeled vehicle development. And put forward several research principles: mainly wheeled armor transportation, must have a floating function (preferably with a certain anti-wind and wave amphibious driving ability), and use it in the north (you can pre-research the modification that can be used in the south and coastal areas) car). For the number of crew members, 16 armed soldiers can be loaded, and one to two base numbers of weapons and ammunition supplies (the internal number is 522-1). There is also a crew of 24 combat soldiers, and the base of weapons and ammunition can be reduced as appropriate. After a simple technical deduction, the 522 series of personnel transport vehicles should use a 4-axle 8-wheel drive chassis, a high-power diesel engine, and to redevelop the steering gear and steering linkage for the first and second drive steering axles. technology.

At that time, China only introduced several BTR-60 series 4-axle 8-wheel drive wheeled armored vehicles from a friendly country. At that time, China had very few technical reserves in wheeled vehicles, and only FAWs CA series could learn from it, but almost never had contact with 4-axle 8-wheeled vehicles. There is a big controversy regarding the development of WZ522. One tends to use the current existing axle technology, borrowing from the second car's 35D series car bottom, similar to the development of technical traction. The other is to simply redevelop a new vehicle chassis, but to be as compatible with existing supporting parts as possible, similar to model traction development. No matter which scheme was used, it was somewhat impractical for the overall vehicle industry in China at that time. Finally, after the prototype vehicle developed using the first solution came out, it was tested in a variety of climates, including the northern frigid zone and the southern subtropical zone, with a total test mileage of more than 25,000 kilometers.

The most prominent problem is the serious lack of power in the vehicle's engine. The vehicle's own weight exceeds 3.5 tons, but the engine still uses the 110-horsepower power system of the CA30A series, which often causes problems such as boiling and cylinder explosion. The other biggest problem is the steering system. When the 1, 2 drive steering axle is in the front afterburner state, when the steering action is performed, the first drive steering axle locks up, and the front differential disc pool wears and even burns.

After numerous improvements, using the first 16-person crew plan, the 522-1 prototype jointly developed by the Northern Vehicle Research Institute, Changchun Vehicle Research Institute and Jinan Armored Forces was sent to the Beijing Military History Exhibition Hall for publicity. display. The 522-2 prototype trial-produced by the Northern Vehicle Research Institute, Jiangxi Zhushachong Automobile Manufacturing Plant, and Changchun Automobile Research Institute has completed all the drawings, and launched a standard prototype.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, the entire 522 series cars were finally dismantled, and various technical drawings were sealed. Although the fate of the 522 project is the same as that of the earlier 521 project (64-type wheeled armored transport vehicle), it provides a wealth of research and development experience and a wealth of research and development experience for the 6*6 and 8*8 wheeled armored vehicles developed by the army in the future. Technical reserves.

WZ-522 Wheeled Armored Carrier WZ-522 Wheeled Armored Carrier

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