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Wuhan-class Trials Submarine

The single unit Wuhan-class Trials Submarine is a Modified R-class submarine with YJ-1 (CSS-N-4) anti ship missiles launchers. The six YJ-1 missiles have active radar homing to 40 km (22nm) at 0.9 mach sea-skimming and has a 165kg war head. It's also armed with 533mm torpedoes with passive homing to 15 km at 40 knots and has warhead of 400 kg. The sub can also carry 20 mines in lieu of torpedoes. The six missile tubes are built into the casing abreast the fin and elevate to fire much as in the Soviet Juliett class. To provide target acquistion an additional radar mast (snoop tray) is mounted between two periscopes.

This sub was built as a trials SSM platform, and at one time it was thought other R-class submarines might be converted in due course, but they were not. In 1976, No.701 Institute (later Wuhan Ship Development and Design Institute) experimentally added the YJ-8 (C-801) anti-ship missile system and its associated Type 358G fire-control radar to the Type 033 submarine. . But the boat had to surface to launch missiles, and it lacked any over-the-horizon targeting. reported in 2009 that Boat 351 may have been out of service since the late 1990s, though Haze Gray reported it in service as of 2001.

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