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WS-20 high-bypass turbofan

By early 2016 Avic Engine was working on advanced development of the WS-20, a high-bypass turbofan that had been known as the power plant of the Y-20 military airlifter, and had been promoted unsuccessfully as a Chinese engine for the C919 airliner. A smaller turbofan, the WS-20-9, was planned for the Comac ARJ21, which initially used the GE CF34-10. The Chinese industry had previously proposed to fit that regional jet with an engine called WS-12C of 17,600 lb. thrust.

A WS-20 demonstrator had been run sicne 2010. A further succession of five core designs was supposed to be tested from 2015 to 2019. The program envisioned moving ahead with both 33,000 lb. and 15,000 lb. turbofans simultaneously, with a design freeze due in 2018, first engines to test in 2019 and entry into service on the C919 and ARJ21 in 2022 the year originally targeted for the CJ-1000.

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