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WMA-301 wheeled assault gun

"Wagon carrying cannon", is the WMA-301 wheeled assault gun properly described in the compact six-wheeled general armored vehicle chassis, combined with the tank can match the 105 mm gun, WMA-301 strength can be imagined. This kind of "sniper" features a strong chariot, high reliability, the 105mm gun is not only compatible with a variety of common ammunition, but also launch and VT-5 tank-like artillery missiles, extending the combat distance, special Suitable for quick reaction units that can not be equipped with heavy-duty weapons for long-range maneuvers and can provide timely support for firepower limited infantry.

The wheeled assault gun (also known as the wheeled fire support vehicle), equipped with a large caliber artillery, is mainly responsible for the ground forces fire support, and will bear part of the anti-tank combat mission. Wheeled wheeled assault guns can fight all kinds of buildings and armored vehicles and field fortifications. Because some of these vehicles can easily destroy enemy tanks, it is also known as wheeled anti-tank.

WMA-301 wheeled assault gun WMA-301 wheeled assault gun

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