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CASIC WJ-500 subsonic stealth drone

At the Zhuhai Air Show 2014 CASIC introduced the new WJ series drone, the WJ-500. Airshow China, known officially as the 10th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, was held Nov. 11-16 in Zhuhai in the southern province of Guangdong near Hong Kong.

The angular, stealthy design of the multipurpose, subsonic WJ-500 gives it a low radar signature allowing for “great defense penetration” and provides for a variety of missions, including simulating the characteristics of cruise missiles and aircraft, according to the company. The versatile, subsonic stealth drone allows the company to mimic cruise missiles and aircraft characteristics. It is said that it can perform various missions. The payload can be equipped with photo reconnaissance equipment, reconnaissance and SAR packages, and can perform reconnaissance, targeting and damage assessment.

The company is the only producer of cruise missiles in China. The display model looked like a reworked DH-10 / CH-10 / CJ-10 cruise missile, which may explain why it can "mimic cruise missiles". Not much has been heard of this project since the 2014 Air Show, although a repainted model of the WJ-500 multi-purpose drone system was unveiled at the 2018 China International Aerospace Expo. .

CASIC WJ-500 subsonic stealth drone CASIC WJ-500 subsonic stealth drone CASIC WJ-500 subsonic stealth drone

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