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WJ-010 / HW-100 Sparrowhawk

The Chinese WJ series UAVs are developed by the 3rd Academy Hiwing of CASIC. WJ-010 UAV is a development of the unarmed CASIC HW-100 Sparrowhawk. The UAVs have an identical layout, but use a modular design concept in order to allow the operator to choose between two types of payload.

The WJ-010 is designed to fulfill strike and reconnaissance missions with a range of payloads with a maximum load weight of 1 kg. It can carry reconnaissance devices for very short range ISR missions. The UAV can also carry a warhead and a front-end reconnaissance and guidance equipment to conduct reconaissance and strike missions.

As with the HW-100 Sparrowhawk, the WJ-010 UAV is a hand or catapult-launched drone. It is powered by a pusher engine mounted behind the wing. It has a maximum take-off weight of 6 kg, a cruise speed of about 80 km/h and a service ceiling of 3 km. Deployment and recovery time is less than 10 minutes.

WJ-010 UAV WJ-010 UAV WJ-010 UAV

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