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VP11 Defender 4x4 MRAP

The 11th Zhuhai Air Show was held at the Zhuhai International Air Show Center in Guangdong from November 1st to 6th, 2016. More than 700 exhibitors from 42 countries and regions participated, including more than 60 exhibitors including aircraft, radar, and missiles. More than 900 pieces of active weapons and equipment of different models will be exhibited at the exhibition.

The China Air Show achieved new breakthroughs in the form of the exhibition, opening up a dynamic demonstration of ground equipment for the first time. Armored vehicles represented by VT4 main battle tanks, ST1 105mm assault guns, VN12 tracked infantry fighting vehicles, VN4 4x4 wheeled armored vehicles and VP11 light-duty lightning protection vehicles were unveiled in Zhuhai. Thd Chinese VP11 vehicle has many competitors, especially those made in the United States, but the VP11 lightning protection vehicle passed the first public exhibition in the last air show and won 150 UAE vehicles as soon as it appeared Large orders are also evident in their superior cost performance.

The VP11 anti-mine anti-ambush armored vehicle can accommodate 7 people, including the driver, the captain and the gunner. It can install a variety of combat weapons on the roof of the car with great power. The VP11 lightning protection vehicle is based on a 4x4 truck chassis and is suitable for dangerous missions such as reconnaissance, security, and front-line command. It uses a V-shaped bottom, light protective armor and materials for the outer body, which can effectively resist the shock wave of heavy mine explosion and reduce the damage to the occupants and vehicles. VP11 lightning protection vehicle can provide a high level of protection performance, with high maneuverability, versatility and powerful fire performance.

The VP11 MRAP vehicles can be used for reconnaissance and forward command, and its designs help protect the crew and vehicle from the shockwaves of explosive. VP-11 type 4x4 anti-mine anti-ambush vehicle produced by China North Industries Corporation, the official name is "Defender"). At the end of 2014, the UAE ordered a total of 150 VP-11 4x4 anti-mine anti-ambush vehicles from China North Industries Corporation. This armored vehicle uses a V-shaped bottom inclined armor plate, and the outer body adopts light protective armor, which can prevent the explosion shock waves of heavy mines and homemade explosive devices, reduce the damage of mines to occupants and vehicles to a very low level, and improve the vehicles and personnel survivability.

The VP-11 anti-mine anti-ambush vehicle not only has a high level of protection, but also has high maneuverability and powerful firepower. It uses a 4x4 truck chassis, which can not only perform armed reconnaissance and frontline observation tasks, but also participate in urban counter-terrorism operations. The roof of the VP-11 anti-mine anti-ambush vehicle is used to install different combat modules, including a maximum of 7 people including the driver, captain and gunner.

This type of anti-mine anti-ambush vehicle uses military explosion-proof seats. The roof can be equipped with either a manual turret or an automatic remote control weapon shooting system equipped with a large-caliber machine gun.

VP11 Defender 4x4 MRAP VP11 Defender 4x4 MRAP VP11 Defender 4x4 MRAP VP11 Defender 4x4 MRAP

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