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CS/VN-3C 4x4 Airborne Combat Vehicle

Airborne troops, as a class of arms with strong strategic and operational mobility, have limited tactical maneuverability for a long time due to the limitations of airborne technology-most of the airborne troops are basically after parachute landing. It is a light infantry with only maneuverability on foot. Although the airborne light mechanized equipment has been well-established in the late World War II, due to the limitations of transport capacity and the difficulty of logistical support (the fuel required for mechanized equipment in airborne operations also depends on airdrop delivery), in actual combat, only some "non-mechanized" technical equipment will be willing to install an internal combustion engine.

Similar situation is still very common in contemporary airborne soldiers. Apart from the most famous and limited number of ZBD-03 paratrooper tanks, PLA airborne soldiers are mainly light trucks or a generation of warriors for infantry units. Whether the motor vehicle used is LYT2021 or a generation of warriors with multiple weapon mounts, the main solution is only the problem of the motor itself, and the original protection is not taken into account. From this perspective, wheeled armored vehicles are much stronger than unprotected vehicles that walk on their legs after parachuting or ride on unprotected vehicles that have the same protection performance as civilian vehicles. Whether it is an armored mobile transmission force for light infantry units or a cheap armored vehicle used in conjunction with the ZBD-03 paratrooper tank, airborne wheeled armored vehicles are of particular significance and value.

For the airborne troops of the People's Liberation Army, due to the relatively small battlefield area scheduled for airborne operations, and after landing, there is a high probability that they will carry out offensive operations, seize control of various important targets, and defend against the opponent's forces including armored mechanized forces. For airborne soldiers dominated by light infantry, heavy armored units such as tanks pose a serious threat to them. For this reason, the technical equipment of airborne soldiers with powerful firepower and quick battlefield assault ability are both important and rare.

The 4X4 wheeled armored vehicles were exhibited at the Zhuhai Air Show, one of which was CS / VN-3C painted in military green, and the other the airborne soldiers were painted in different colors. The chassis shape was close to the CS / VN-3B. However, both vehicles used the standard ATF-7 anti-tank missiles and 30-mm machine gun turrets of the PLA light tanks. It is for this reason that when the outside world had not seen the picture, they all think that the "blue guy" should be for the airborne soldier.

The "new wheeled armored vehicle" chassis is exactly the same as the "blue guy", and the cabin is still elevated. Although the number of personnel must be increased, the turret is missing, and the anti-tank missiles are also gone, only a 12.7mm heavy machine gun is there to deal with things.

This new 9 ton wheeled armored vehicle looks like a foreign trade model. There are still driving windows for driving windows, and there are water propellers, which is a fairly satisfactory design. The information-based vehicle equipment is standard in the PLA today. The peripheral mirror is better than the telescope drilled out, but when it comes to the aperture size, the performance is better than nothing. As for the protection, although the front can prevent the 53-type armor-piercing projectile within 100 meters, the whole car can protect the 53-type ordinary projectile within 100 meters. The armored vehicle of this tonnage is normal, but if it is based on the most demanding battlefield environment, it is not rare when it is not enough.

China's first batch of homemade airdrop-capable four-wheeled armored vehicles have entered service, which will boost the all-terrain mobilization capacity of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force and provide paratroopers enhanced firepower, mobility and protection. The airborne armored vehicles armed with machine guns have entered service with a combined arms brigade of the PLA Air Force Airborne Troops in Central China's Hubei Province, the PLA Daily reported on 09 May 2020. Developed by state-owned China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO), the light armored vehicles can be airdropped from China's main transport aircraft and boast a high strategic mobilization capability, accurate firepower, a digital system and good comprehensive protection, the report said.

"Three of this type of vehicle can be consecutively airdropped from one cargo aircraft," Yang Liang, a PLA Air Force officer, said on China Central Television (CCTV). "It runs fast, shoots accurately, can sail in water, has good armor and can conduct assault and armed reconnaissance missions in plateaus and cold regions." Its commissioning boosted the PLA's all-terrain combat capability, Yang said. Once on the ground, the paratroopers are empowered by the vehicle to become an airborne infantry force with high mobility and firepower.

This type of new vehicle can be used together with the ZBD-03 airborne infantry fighting vehicle showcased at the 2019 National Day military parade in Beijing, a Beijing military expert who asked not to be named told the Global Times on 10 May 2020. The new vehicle on wheels should be faster and lighter than the ZBD-03, formerly the only air force armored vehicle that could be airdropped, he noted. The ZBD-03 has greater firepower but relies on crawler tracks.

China has also developed an airdrop-capable four-wheeled vehicle with a fixed turret larger caliber gun, an airborne multiple launch rocket system and an airborne 120mm howitzer. These three types of airdrop-capable light armored vehicles were displayed at Airshow China 2018 held in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province alongside the PLA Y-20 and Y-9 cargo planes.

From the perspective of the equipment system, the new wheeled armored vehicle undoubtedly fills a gap in the field of synthetic and mechanized combat of the PLA Airborne Forces. When the PLA Air Force has more large transport aircraft in service, it can carry three such vehicles in a single Y-20 transport. The wheeled armored vehicle will undoubtedly become a force with high battlefield mobility and rapid assault capability in the PLA airborne troops, and at the same time fill another gap in the mechanized equipment of the Chinese airborne troops.

CS/VN-3C 4x4 Airborne Combat Vehicle CS/VN-3C 4x4 Airborne Combat Vehicle CS/VN-3C 4x4 Airborne Combat Vehicle CS/VN-3C 4x4 Airborne Combat Vehicle

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