VN-22 6x6 wheeled armored vehicle

On 28 September 2021, the 13th China Air Show officially opened at the Zhuhai International Air Show Center. This year’s air show, the China Armament Museum exhibited more than 450 weapons and equipment, of which more than 150 were exhibited at the air show for the first time. The contents of the exhibits covered sea, land, air, space, electricity and other fields. The advanced level of the Chinese Army’s weapons and equipment was on display. Compared to previous rumors, this time it is only a "real hammer" equipment - VN-22 6x6 armored vehicle, which is brand new equipment. VN-22 integrates the most advanced technology in related fields in China, and truly demonstrates that "China is not without technology, but it is not used." To a certain extent, it can be regarded as a technology show car. It was a bit anxious to use the latest technology for the first time, and it will definitely be more mature in the future.

The technical level of this vehicle is far superior to the ZSL-92 series wheeled armored vehicles and ZBL-08 series wheeled infantry fighting vehicles currently in service in the People’s Liberation Army. It is even higher than the new eight-wheeled combat vehicles that are still being tested. The highest level of wheeled armored vehicles in China, it can be compared to the German "Boxer" 8x8 armored vehicle.

In addition to strong defense capabilities, active attack performance is also very strong, equipped with a 30mm unmanned turret, and can launch anti-tank missiles. Since the turret is unmanned, it will be less vulnearable, and there is also an active defense system. The turret is a non-penetrating unmanned turret. New type of 30mm cannon (power and accuracy are greatly improved compared to the old 30 cannon, counter to the US military Mk44 cannon), lifting double-mounted missile launcher + fourth-generation ammunition (suspected Red Arrow-12, it is estimated that it can also be replaced by Red Arrow -16, that is, the fourth-generation anti-tank missile, half a cruiser Basically reach the world-class level.

It is not news that China had developed an active defense system, but this is the first time it has been installed on a whelled armore vehicle - although it may be a model. And this should be a small active defense system for armored vehicles, not the same as a large active defense system for tanks. For example, the Israeli "Iron Fist" system is for armored vehicles, and the "Trophy" are for tanks.

The chassis has protection design and integral additional armor, fully electronically controlled automatic transmission, full liquid-pneumatic lift body suspension, V-shaped hydraulic jumper protective tailgate, and strike protection suspended seat. It is equipped with a semi-active suspension, and the operator can complete the suspension adjustment in the cockpit. Therefore, on the one hand, this vehicle can drive fast on flat ground, and on the other hand, it has outstanding off-road performance and can cope with different situations. Road conditions.

The rear of this vehicle is an irregular V-shaped hydraulic tailgate, and there is a pull door emergency on the door. This is the latest tailgate design at present. The way soldiers step on the foot is considered to protect against lightning impact (the feet are not grounded, To prevent shocks caused by impact transmission), and the obvious V-shaped chassis explosion-proof design. The crew should be six people, and because the vehicle body is relatively tall, it seems that the space is relatively generous.

In addition, it should be noted that there is no propeller propulsion device at the rear of the vehicle, which means that it does not pursue the floating ability. Therefore, the weight limit is released, and more weight can be allocated to strengthen the defense. This design can deal with the threat of light weapons and explosives such as landmines to the greatest extent, and fully guarantee the safety of the people in the vehicle.

In terms of defense, since there is no weight limit, the whole vehicle has thick additional armor (witness the two towing points at the bottom). Of course, it can also change to other better armor if necessary. Due to the large frontal angle, the defense will be higher. It is estimated that the front can defend against 30mmX173mm stabilized armor-piercing projectiles (NATO level six defense), and the peculiar direction is to be able to defend against 14.5X114mm armor-piercing projectiles (NATO level four defense).

Moreover, the length of this vehicle is very compact, but the vehicle is very tall. Compared with the host, the height of this vehicle is estimated to be 2 meters upwards. In terms of weight, the underwater propulsion device has been eliminated, and the turret and armor are estimated to weigh up to 25 tons. The corresponding power must not be bad, the power system engine power is 800 horsepower. The fully electronically controlled automatic gearbox is really a small vehicle when it drives. There are also new vehicle lights and cameras around the vehicle body.

On the whole, VN-22 shows the highest level of technology in China's wheeled armored vehicles, and is completely in the world's top position. Foreign advanced technology departments have all but even slightly better. However, as mentioned above, the People's Liberation Army does not need so many new technologies. It needs stable performance and the troops can form combat effectiveness as soon as possible. Therefore, the technical level of the new eight-wheel is a bit worse than that of the VN-22, but if the 08 family and the new eight-wheel need to be upgraded in the future, the VN-22 is the reference for the technical route.

In accordance with the People’s Liberation Army’s rule of “one generation of equipment, one generation of research and development, one generation of pre-research”, there are also new wheeled armored vehicles with the technical level of VN-22, but they belong to the next generation of the new eight-wheeled infantry. Vehicles (08 first generation, new eight-wheel second generation, 92 is an armored transport vehicle, so it is not included). To be equipped for the 2030s, the new eight rounds are now equipped first. The new eight rounds are also good.

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