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V750 Unmanned Helicopter

The V750, China's largest homemade unmanned helicopter to date, took its first test flight on 07 May 2011 successfully in Wei Fang City, Shan Dong Province. This unmanned helicopter was developed by Tianxiang Aerospace Industry LTD, Self-Control Institute of AVIC Aerospace Life-Support Industries LTD, etc. At the test-flight site, the V750 unmanned helicopter made some test fly, such as automatic take-off, hovering, landing, etc. The whole flight operation is stable and accurate. The follow-up technological test flight was comprehensively launched thereafter.

China's largest drone helicopter, the V750, successfully fired anti-tank missiles at ground targets for the first time in June 2016. In its military guise, the V750 is being outfitted mainly as an anti-tank weapon armed with two missiles, either the HJ-9 or HJ-10. It can also mount rocket pods to attack troops and soft vehicles.

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