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Type 944A - Dongbiao 265 - Yannan buoy tender

Near the Chinese New Year, the People's Liberation Army continued to "dump the dumplings." On 23 January 2017, the new flagship survey ship "East 265 Ship" entered the flag-raising ceremony at a military port terminal in Zhoushan, marking the official entry of the ship into the People's Navy battle sequence. It is understood that the Dongbiao 265 ship is a new type of navigation mark measuring ship developed and produced by China itself. It is also the first 944A type navigation ship of the Navy. It has good operating performance, high airworthiness and high degree of automation. It can carry out work under Class 3 sea conditions. Navigation mark operation, safe navigation under 5 sea conditions.

There is some confusion over the type designation of the new ship. According to Chinese type designation convention, the type designator of improved versions of existing types are followed by either A or G, while a new design would receive a different type number. Although the ship is an improvement of earlier Type 744, some Chinese media claimed that the designation is Type 944A instead of Type 744A, but there is no official confirmation of the Type 944 designation from official Chinese sources.

After the ship entersed service ["in the column"], it was responsible for the task of evacuating, inspecting and maintaining the special navigation mark, and opening up and marking the emergency battlefield channels. It was the "opening pioneer" of the sea where the warships are "galloping the deep blue". The navigation ship is the ship that is mainly responsible for the navigation, inspection, repair and maintenance of the navigation mark, and has good maneuverability and seaworthiness. But don't look at the name of the ship's name, the navigation mark is a good show, but other tasks have been completed and praised.

After the entry of the "East Standard 265 Ship", it was responsible for the task of evacuating, inspecting and maintaining the special navigation mark, and opening up and marking the emergency battlefield channel

"East Standard 265 Ship" replaced the earlier Type 744 No Dongbiao 263, which retired from Chinese Navy 02 August 2015 and transferred to civilian service. In the 35-year service history, the East Standard 263 Navigation Vessel "brought us too many stories, leaving us with too much emotion and too many imprints' [this is a ritualistic incantation that is recited as the opening for a history of a retired vessel]. The ship was shipped in 1980, with a standard displacement of 1,750 tons and a full load of more than 2,000 tons. The main tasks of the ship were navigation mark layout, navigation channel measurement, scientific experiments, etc. It has participated in large-scale military exercises and military activities organized by the navy and fleet, and has repeatedly obtained grassroots construction units and grassroots military training units. According to statistics, the ship has won 3 times of collective second-class work; 5 times of third-class work; more than 100 times of individual third-class work. The achievement of these merits is rare in similar ships in peacetime.

On August 1, 2015, the 263 East Ship retired, marking the 35-year-old warship that sailed in the motherland and the sea. From then on, it left the naval battle sequence and handed it over to the local waterway department. She is like a soldier who has expired. Glorious demobilization, returning to the place to continue to dedicate new jobs. The navigation ship is like a moving lighthouse at sea, illuminating the battleship to the deep blue voyage. With the entry of a new generation of navigational vessels, the seaway will be safer and more open.

Type 944 buoy tender Type 944 buoy tender Type 944 buoy tender

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